The world can feel unfalteringly dark and heavy at times, the last few years undoubtedly so.  This winter, Lush is encouraging a culture of kindness, giving and community.  

Lush’s 2022 Christmas range is designed with kindness in mind – being kind to yourself, others and the planet.   

We want to spark moments of joy, with beautiful beneficial products for every need that have had a positive impact at every stage, and encourage not only gracious giving but opportune moments of self-care.  

You’ll see the rebellious return of Snow Fairy, whilst an extended collection of Lord of Misrule aims to unleash the mischievous side in us all! 

Discover all of the launches, events, and press releases for this holiday season with Lush below.

Images for all products and gifts are available to view and download here.

For further information, please email [email protected]

For days when ‘the world is too much with us’ there’s Lush 

William Wordsworth
Watch The Snow Fairy, an Animation by Lush
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