Gifts that Give Back & Keep on Giving!

From reusable wrapping to charitable giving and buying initiatives, Lush has the answer to conscious consumers’ gifting needs! 

All Lush gifts and products are cruelty-free and freshly handmade in the Lush factories in Poole, Dorset UK. Simply pop into your local Lush shop for your personal gifting consultation or visit to discover Lush’s 2022 Christmas range designed with kindness in mind. 

Providing personal service is the best environmental practice. If we can get you connected to the appropriate product for your needs, you get really good value for money, we get a regular customer, the consumption of unneeded product falls and money is no longer wasted

Mark Constantine, Lush Co-founder

Little Lord of Misrule gift £15.00

Lush uses Regenerative patchouli oil from Indonesia in the Lord of Misrule product range. A classic Lush perfume and fan favourite, this year’s Lord of Misrule range is bigger than ever. 

Lush has worked on the ground for over a decade, supporting local groups to encourage regenerative, permaculture practices that allow the production of the beautiful patchouli oil whilst also supporting the land. More on this buying story here.

Grassroots perfume (£50 for 100ml) 

Grassroots is a fragrance that helps you do good, while smelling good. It’s a perfume that contributes to ecological and social health throughout its supply web, while funding action in the areas of animal protection, human rights, and the environment. With every purchase, 100% (minus government sales tax) is donated into the Charity Pot fund. Inspired by regeneratively grown ingredients within Grassroots fragrance, the perfume is crowned by a carbon-positive cork lid.

Charity Pot hand and body lotion £16.00 

This year Lush celebrated 15 years of funding radical changemakers with Charity Pot. Since its launch in 2007, by purchasing the hand body cream Lush customers have helped to raise over £65 million, and over 13,700 grants. Full of nourishing butter and hydrating ingredients, Charity Pot makes the perfect gift during the cold months.

Reusable gift wrap provides waste-saving options for gifts, big and small…

“It is possible to never buy gift wrap again if you pass forward the tradition of reusable knot wraps to your family and friends. The cloth can be kept in the family and passed down through generations. It’s like bringing out your treasured Christmas decorations each year! With an added bonus, as the knot wraps are being swapped, you will have a different collection of designs to wrap with each year too and It is always magical when one of your favourites make their way back to you”  – Maria Feast, Lush Gift Packaging Team

Knot Wrap (prices starting from £5.00 / €6.00) 

If you’re looking to make your own Lush gift, look no further! The perfect alternative to wrapping paper, Lush’s reusable and eco-friendly fabric gift-wraps aka Knot Wraps are made from cotton or recycled plastic bottles and great for wearing or re-wrapping. Simply pick your products and ask a Lush team member to show you the abundance of ways to wrap your gift.

Many of the artwork designs featured on Lush Knot Wraps have been created by ARTHOUSE Unlimited, a charity presenting artistic talents of adults living with complex neuro-diverse and physical support needs. This is Lush’s seventh year working with ARTHOUSE Unlimited. Discover more about the design process here:

Lokta Paper (£2.00 / €3.00)

Lokta paper wrap is handmade in a papermaking unit that was set up as part of a scheme to create employment for women. The Lokta plant is a regenerative fibre, as it can be re-harvested after 3-4 years, and is dip dyed in Nepal. Thanks to its strong fibre, this wrapping is perfect to reuse.

Sorting Lush black pots in the Lush Greenhub in Poole, ready for recycling

Bring it Back recycling scheme

Lush wants to leave the world lusher than they found it and so values Earth’s precious resources and supports a circular economy. To help achieve this Lush introduced their Bring It Back scheme inviting their customers in the UK&I to return any of their Lush plastic packaging back to Lush shops for recycling. 

Not only that but Lush fans can also claim 50p towards their Lush shopping per qualifying item they bring back! This ‘deposit return’ will be added towards their total bill at the till-point on the same day.

By giving a Lush gift this year not only will the recipient be able to enjoy fresh handmade cosmetics, but they’ll also be able to bring back their packaging to invest in some more!

Since launching in March 2021, Lush customers have returned an estimated 2 million pots making up more than an estimated 40 tons of plastic packaging.

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