A birds eye view of forests with a river running through the centre. In the middle, to the left, the trees forms the letters SOS

a lusher world

When a customer holds a Lush product in their hands, they are holding so much more than just that product. They are holding a complex web of relationships, flows of materials, creativity, human labour, movement, life that had all to be arranged in a particular way. All organised, although sometimes chaordically, in order for that product to be in their hands.

From the Lush Labs, all the way into the hands of the #LushCommunity, we invent and create every Lush product ourselves. Everything from carefully sourcing each raw material, to making our products fresh and by hand.
Once our products are made, we have local Lush factories all around the world, allowing us to transport our products to our Digital Fulfilment warehouses and Lush stores. Once there, our products reach customers through our wonderful colleagues in Digital Fulfilment and Retail.

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there! We share videos on our YouTube channel, articles on our website, give platform to causes through our campaigns, and support amazing groups through our giving programmes.

Every movement we make on this journey is an opportunity to Leave the World Lusher Than We Found It.  

This means aspiring to do business in a way that:
• helps to protect, regenerate and rewild our home planet
• creates oasis of kindness in our stores
• advances rights and equity in our society
• tirelessly fights animal testing
• meets the needs of every customer with trailblazing effective products.

In this section, we share how we are making an impact in the world, sometimes a footprint, other times a handprint*, as we learn by doing what a regenerative business could look like.

* a footprint is a negative ecological impact, a handprint is a positive one.

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