Fine fragrance gifting

Did you know Lush formulates their own fine fragrances in-house using the finest essential oils?

Perfumery for Lush has always been a medium of expression in an artistic and unadulterated manner. Inspired by art, poetry and culture, Lush’s fine fragrances are blended using the world’s best essential oils and absolute. 

Invented and made by hand in Dorset, UK (the home of Lush), there’s an abundance of ways to gift fragrance with Lush this festive season.

All of perfumery is language. It’s learning how to put a word to a smell. The minute you put a word to a smell, you have a memory for it. Poetry and beautiful words are a pleasure to be around. They’re like beautiful oils or products. Perfumery is an expression of things that have happened to us, or things we feel emotionally attached to.

Turmeric Latte perfume: (£60/ 100ml)

(Back as a limited edition for Christmas 2022)

Snuggle into the spicy warmth of benzoin resinoid and soothe your mind with swirls

of comforting vanilla and sweet tonka.

Lord of Misrule perfume (£25 / 30ml or £50 /10ml)

Spritz yourself to get down and earthy with this spicy perfume. We’ve got mischief managed with this herbal blend. Patchouli oil from Sumatra mingles with peppery notes in this feast of fools.

Karma Perfume (£30 / 30ml)

Spritz yourself all over and take a trip through 1960s London as clouds of intoxicating patchouli mingle with uplifting sweet orange and refreshing fir oils.

Dirty Perfume (£20 / 30ml)

Spray and go with this minty fresh perfume to clear the mind and lift the spirits. A cooling current bursts from the bottle, scenting the skin with invigorating spearmint, peppery tarragon and woody sandalwood.

Rose Jam Perfume (£25 / 30ml)

Spritz yourself and take a stroll through fields of powdery pink petals with this sophisticated scent. A generous blend of geranium combined with rose oil from Senir in Turkey.

Still can’t decide which perfume to choose? 

Why not try the Lush Classics gift (£55 each). This perfume collection features five 10ml fragrances from Lush’s classic range bought together in a beautiful handmade fabric case. Perfect for anyone who wants to explore the Lush perfume range and get to know some of their bestselling Lush scents.

Personalised Lush Perfume Gifting

Those looking for a bespoke perfume gift this Christmas can visit their local Lush shop or one of Lush’s global Perfume Libraries (including BirminghamLiverpool and London’s Oxford Street) for a one-to-one perfume gifting consultation suited directly to the needs of the person they are buying for. The chosen fragrance can then be wrapped in one of Lush’s reusable Lush Knot Wraps and popped straight under the tree. 

The Lush Perfume Library 

A centre of excellence for perfumery and fine fragrance, Lush Perfume Libraries house a collection of fine fragrances from the Lush archives, new fragrances and books on perfumery. There are currently nine Lush Perfume Libraries globally.

Imagery available to view and download here.

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