For days when ‘the world is too much with us’ there’s Lush 

William Wordsworth

The world can feel unfalteringly dark and heavy at times, the last few years undoubtedly so.  This winter, Lush is encouraging a culture of kindness, giving and community.  

Lush’s 2022 Christmas range is designed with kindness in mind – being kind to yourself, others and the planet.   

We want to spark moments of joy, with beautiful beneficial products for every need that have had a positive impact at every stage, and encourage not only gracious giving but opportune moments of self-care.  

You’ll see the rebellious return of Snow Fairy, whilst an extended collection of Lord of Misrule aims to unleash the mischievous side in us all! 

Available in Lush shops and online from Wednesday 21st September.

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The Snow Fairy Collection

For 16 years now, Lush’s cult fragrance is making a comeback, this year with a range of 16 different products (and gifts!).

In 2021, The Snow Fairy even debuted on screen. The short animation brings the magic to life in a celebration of kindness, courage and confidence. Watch The Snow Fairy animation here.


Lush Co-founder and Product Inventor, Mo Constantine invented the bath bomb in her garden shed in 1989. 

A lot of innovation has gone on since then, but Bath Bomb’s remain a best seller at Lush, with over 14 million made and sold in the UK last year.  

This year Lush took the innovation even further with the launch of ‘Bathe’ – a new app, designed to track and maximise the benefits of bathing, assisted by immersive audio-visual experiences.


Do yourself a solid and go naked. 

Lush is passionate about inventing and manufacturing products that don’t need packaging, so will always champion the simple bar of soap for this very reason.

Remember to bring your empty bottles and black pots back for our Bring it Back scheme. For 5 returned black pots customers can receive a free fresh face mask, or each pot, bottle, and tub can count as 50p each off your final total!


Pucker up! With gorgeous sugars and oils these scrubs and balms are sure to make your lips as soft and kissable as possible.


Did you know Lush formulates their fine fragrances in-house? 

Inspired by art, poetry and culture, Lush’s fine fragrances are blended using the world’s best essential oils and absolute.

We wanted to create these fragrances to embody however you choose to celebrate, we’ve got you covered. Whether that’s cuddled up, enveloped in vanilla clouds or popping the cork on the fruity fizz. Fun Times was invented following lots of laughter and conversation amongst friends after a long day at work, it really is something that can transition from day to night!

Lauren Savage, Lush Global Category Lead for Fragrance
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