Introducing Bathe: An app designed to maximise the ultimate self care moments

  • Explore immersive audio-visual bath experiences
  • Created in collaboration with wellbeing experts, practitioners, sound healers and mentors
  • Connectable to Apple Health and Google Fit for insights on sleep data and heart rate maximising bathing for physical wellbeing benefits
  • Available on iOS and Android now

In time for World Self Care Day (24th July 2022), Lush has launched its latest innovation allowing customers to take time for themselves.

Introducing Lush Bathe – a new app, designed to track and maximise the benefits of bathing, assisted by immersive audio-visual experiences is now available on iOS and Android.

For this, Lush has collaborated with an inspiring range of wellbeing experts, practitioners, sound healers and mentors to create a series of in-app exclusive transformative meditative experiences for mindful moments whilst bathing or elsewhere – allowing all customers, anywhere to benefit.

The in-house designed app can also connect with your health data to really understand and identify the tangible, physical benefits of bathing.

When you step into your bathroom it can be time just for you to focus on your wellbeing, it can be as simple as taking a bath, or a shower or even just washing your face. Our products packed full of fresh ingredients and essential oils help to relax and uplift. 

We wanted to create a tool that enhances this further to help people turn mundane moments into mindful minutes by establishing a daily bathing routine that helps them to relax, improve mood and sleep better. This app can be a great addition to a bathing or shower routine whether with a bath bomb, bubble bar, soap or facemask. 
We were lucky enough to work with some great practitioners from the wellbeing community, some inside the company and some friends of Lush to create transformative me-moments for next level bathing.”

– Katrina Johnson, Brand and Digital Concepts at Lush

Belinda Matwali is a Spiritual Mentor and Meditation Guide. 

She has trained extensively in meditation and consciousness awareness practices for the last 11 years, and has learnt a wide variety of meditation practices, and believes meditation is never a one size fits all and is a huge proponent for everyone finding the individual techniques that suit them.  

To deepen her capacity to help others on their spiritual journey she also studied Human Design, Astrology and a psychotherapeutic training with Gabor Mate called Compassionate Inquiry to help people move through the core of their self limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Belinda works 1:1 with private clients as well as offering luxury retreats in some of the best locations in Europe. 

She also created Electronic Music Meditation classes which she shares through London and at festivals. 

Belinda has collaborated with Deliciously Ella, Wanderlust, Defected Records and Beatport, and of course LUSH.

She lives between London and Ibiza with her husband Matthew who is a music producer, DJ and psychotherapist. 

“I was really excited to collaborate with my husband Matthew on this project as Lush is brand that is always striving to break boundaries and be unique and it gave us a lot of creative licence to produce something really different  – an uplifting track to enhance self confidence and inner connection with electronic beats all whilst having a cleansing bath.”

Melissa Maouris became a coach after a decade working in the music industry supporting world famous artists in their careers. She has since mentored dozens of coaches through her role as Lead Mentor for the Mindful Talent coaching academy, where she herself trained in 2017. Her own journey led her to focus on helping others find flow so they can learn to accept themselves and discover their true potential. 

Melissa has worked with the UN Women charity, spoken for Stylist magazine and been featured in the likes of GQ magazine. Trained under Dr Shefali in her conscious parenting approach and mentored by best selling spiritual author Neale Donald Walsh, Melissa’s intuitive approach is rooted in ancient mystical concepts delivered for the modern age. Her workshops and programmes are popular with open minded creatives, pioneering business minds and anyone that craves clarity and meaning in their lives. 

“A series of synchronicities led me to collaborate with the Bathe app and I’m really pleased to be asked to be part of it. The meditation I created is about opening up your imagination, connecting to your desires and manifesting them into reality. I have found meditation to be one of the most powerful instruments for moving towards your dreams.”

Based in Bournemouth in the UK, founder of Aroha Wellbeing, Ben Sewell, is an accredited transformational coach, meditation podcaster, yin yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and mental health ambassador.

Ben’s guided mindfulness meditations are expansive, imaginative and atmospheric. He synergizes ancient breathwork techniques, visual storytelling, emotive classical piano and ambient sounds with intention-setting, manifestations and reflective affirmations. 

He helps listeners to feel calmer, more inspired, centred, empowered and connected.

For more information go to https://arohawellbeing.com.

Listen to Ben’s Manifestation Meditations Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Deezer.

Suzie Hackney is an artist, yoga teacher and has worked at Lush since 2008. Before her Lush life began, Suzie studied Contemporary Dance and Choreography at University, and after developing a movement practice she went on to complete a foundation in Dance Movement Psychotherapy.  

Trained in Hatha and Yin Yoga Suzie began teaching in 2020 in her local park during the pandemic which created much needed human connection and shared experiences for everyone involved.

With a passion for creativity and supporting others to connect with their spirit, Suzie’s practice is rooted in self acceptance, gratitude and loving the lives we have whilst creating the lives of our dreams.

“I was so happy when I was asked to record a meditation for the new app. My own meditation practice has been such a big part of my life and this feels like a thank you, and celebration also, to all my amazing teachers who have given me so much inspiration and guidance.  

It’s wonderful to think that this is being shared and will be part of someone’s journey to self discovery”

Tree is a published author of  ‘DREAMS: How to Connect With Your Dreams to Enrich Your Life’ and TEDx speaker who works in the esoteric realms of dreams, death and divination.  She holds a professional certificate in Psychedelics, Altered States & Transpersonal Psychology with the Alef Trust and is a CPD Crossfields Institute Certified Death Doula. Her work with dreams, death and altered states are from a transpersonal psychological approach and she guides with a person centred approach to the journey.

I love to explore consciousness especially through dreaming and most specifically through lucid dreaming. I also love the use of meditation for achieving lucidity in dreams. I mostly meditate when I’m taking a bath and so working with LUSH on a meditation for lucid dreams whilst in the bath felt perfect!  The psychedelic patterns that the bath bombs create are also very inspiring to me because they remind me of the incredible healing altered states of consciousness that can be achieved through the therapeutic use of psychedelics.”

Pip is a Senior Yoga teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, mentor and yoga business coach.

She has taught yoga and meditation classes, retreats and events internationally for over a decade.

Incorporating her passion for sound and electronic music is an integral part of all her offerings and as a Sound Healing practitioner. She holds events such as Moon rituals, meditation groups, women’s circles and sound baths.

Pip has been featured as Yoga Magazine teacher of the month and has taught at the Om Yoga Show London, LiveWell London as well as festivals such as Bestival and Wilderness.

 My name is Hannah Lammiman and I work with sound and touch therapy.

I believe it has some of the answers to our wellbeing. The greatest of all mysteries even in our high tech world is the state of consciousness. How do we excess this state to help us feel more inline and balanced in our daily life?Sound meditation is a profound sequence of harmonics and overtones that helps our mind step out of that busy mind set.

Rose is the founder of Still Chill and a Mindfulness & Self-compassion practitioner. She is passionate about guiding and supporting you in rediscovering yourself, wholeheartedly, using mindfulness-based approaches. This invigorating experience will have your heart feeling soothed as you take your mind on a calming journey to your dream destination. Give yourself a moment of self-compassion and practice letting go as you surrender to the sweet sounds of ASMR.

Simone Niles is an expert coach, sound healer, vocalist and author, who offers grounded and practical teachings, focused on empowering conscious, soul-driven creatives and entrepreneurs to generate meaning and alignment in their work and life.

Simone’s gift in using sound has touched many, through her healing, teaching and performing for more than two decades.


Following its Anti-Social Policy announcement in 2021, Lush launched Adventures in Bathing – offering experiences curated by audio accompaniments – away from endless scrolling.

From playful beats to a gothic love story, the app contains six new varied and entrancing playlists , curated from and inspired by Lush Spa soundtracks – each 24 minutes in duration bringing to life customer favourite bath bombs inspired bath bombs.



Recently Lush launched its first-ever podcast in North America called “The Sound Bath: Conversations that Cleanse”.

Hosted by blues poet and storyteller Aja Monet, she engages in conversations with society’s change-makers that disrupt and dismantle existing ideas of self-care and unpack today’s biggest topics in mental, physical, social, and environmental wellbeing.

Aja Monet

“I hope that this podcast can be a prompt to activate your inner life, around you, in your
environment, in your community, and in your society day to day.
“Conversations can spark and shift entire movements. They can lead us intentionally into
ourselves as we take a step towards one another.”

Aja Monet, Host of the Sound bath podcast


Link to download on iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lush-bathe/id1608398025 

Link to download on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lush.wellbeing


Since 1995, Lush has been in the business of advocating wellbeing.
Through products, fragrances, experiences and more designed providing a multi-sensory experience.
“We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, and filling the world with perfume” is part of its mission statement and at the core of its purpose.

With more digital innovations yet to come for the Lush Bathe app, let us know your suggestions of future features and your thoughts so far – the Lush Digital team are open to ideas.

For further information or interview requests, please email [email protected]

Bathe App Privacy Policy: https://www.lush.com/uk/en/faq/bathe-app-privacy-policy 

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