Lush Introduces Adventures in Bathing

You don’t have to go far to be somewhere else.


Lush is offering transformative experiences, away from endless scrolling, with the launch of 6 bath bombs alongside curated visual and audio accompaniments. It’s time to recharge your batteries and the only thing you’ll want to pop a plug in is your tub.

For the first time, Lush has captured the mood and escapism that bath bombs provide. 

Since Lush Co-Founder, Mo Constantine invented the bath bomb over 30 years ago, Lush has always been about advocating wellbeing, “We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, and filling the world with perfume” is part of Lush’s mission statement and at the core of Lush’s very purpose as a business.

Get ready to be inspired and pick the bath bomb most suited to your need with product inspired Lush Bathrooms, bath bomb themed islands and Lush’s curated playlists…

Wellbeing at Lush

Lush has history in offering our customers wellbeing and mindful products. Always looking to create products for certain needs, an example of which was in 2006 when Mo Constantine OBE, co-founder and inventor of the bath bomb, created two bath bomb products for her husband, Mark Constantine OBE and fellow Lush co-founder: Tea and Sympathy and Ne Worries Pas when he was having a particularly troublesome time.

Mark enjoyed his baths with these bath bombs so much they were released into stores so the Lush community could also benefit from them. In 2019, Lush launched the #DigitalDetoxDay campaign in partnership with mental health charity I Am Whole and mental health ambassador and influencer Zoe Sugg. The proceeds of selling the accompanying ‘IRL’ bath bomb have been divided amongst several grass root mental health groups globally. 


Notes to Editors:

To enhance your bathing adventures, Lush has curated visual and audio accompaniments to utilise alongside… 


Lush Islands: 

Tom Griffiths, Lush’s Creative Lead worked with Idea and Maker to produce 6 Lush islands based on the Adventures in Bathing collection. 

Lush Playlists:

Pop on the relevant playlist to your bath bomb and feel yourself melt into waters whilst the accompanying soundscapes takes you on your journey.



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