The unsung hero ingredient of skin care

We should all know about.

Lush uses glycerine in 137 products and it’s high up in the QI of many of their skincare products. Just like hyaluronic acid, glycerine is a humectant which means it helps the skin to absorb moisture. Humectants help the skin look fresh, fuller, plumper, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

However, Lush believes Glycerine does a better job of rehydrating the skin and here’s why….

Ingredients that have a lower molecular weight, less than 500 Daltons, can more easily reach the lower levels of the skin, into the dermis. Hyaluronic acid has a molecular weight between 1000-3000K Daltons whereas glycerine is only 92 Daltons, allowing it to move past the superficial layers of the skin, taking moisture and other ingredients with it. 


Glycerine is a very concentrated solution and passes into the skin taking the nutritious elements from the fruits and vegetables Lush whisk into it when making fresh face masks and other skin care products. It also mimics the skin’s natural moisturising factors and comes with a long history of safe use!


Often used for its water absorbing qualities, glycerine can also help products become self-preserving (products that stay fresh without the use of synthetic preservatives) as it creates an inhospitable environment for microbes, making it an ideal substitute for water in products such as shower gels and creams.


Lush uses minimal preservatives or entirely self-preserving formulations to protect the natural microbiome of the skin, which has a central role in skin health. Lush co-founder and product inventor, Helen Ambrosen has been navigating the complex science of skincare to create effective products for over forty years. Most recently, Helen has created self-preserving formulations of much loved Lush moisturisers and Ultrabland cleanser to nourish both your complexion and the protective microorganisms that live there.


Lush’s glycerine is 100% palm free and vegan friendly! 

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