Lush Launches New Styling Products

born out of lockdown!

On Friday 20th August Lush will launch Wig hair trainer (£8.00 for 100g) and Infra Wig soft hair gel (£8.00 for 100g) to sit alongside their existing collection of versatile hair styling products. As part of Lush’s Secret Master Plan to create a product for every need, Wig and Infra Wig were created by Lush Co-founders and Product Inventors, Helen Ambrosen and Mark Constantine to help Mark cope with his lockdown hair.


For a top to toe fragrance experience and burst of sea breeze, Lush has also launched Salty body spray (£30 for 200ml), a sunny sea scent of oudh oil and neroli that shares its perfume with Wig and Shaved Ice shaving cream.

Mark teamed up with Helen to create the two saviour products and I was lucky enough to try them out in the HairLab while they were still in development. I find them very versatile and are now my go-to products for many different clients to suit their needs.

Daisy Evans, Lush R&D Hair Stylist
Wig hair trainer (£8.00 for 100g)

A matte, firm-hold, ‘no-product’ look product to keep hair looking trim between trims. Kaolin thickens, illipe butter softens and Japan wax gets your hair into the shape you want.

Made with neroli oil sourced from bitter orange tree blossoms grown in designated ‘no hunt’ zones in Lebanon, providing migrating birds with a safe refuge. 

Wig shares its beautiful perfume with Shaved Ice shaving cream and newly released Salty body spray. 

How to use: Apply a small pea-sized amount to wet or dry hair to set your style and help hold your hair’s shape when combed or washed out. Regular use trains your hair to stay in your preferred style. Alternatively apply then ‘rough’ the hair up gently to create texture.

Infra Wig soft hair gel (£8.00 for 100g)

An invisible, no-crunch gel for subtle hold and supple styles. Made with olive oil and xanthan gum to give the hair shine, strength and softness.

Fragranced with The Hairdresser’s Husband perfume: a mouth-watering grapefruit, lemon myrtle and vanilla treat for the senses.

How to use: Apply a small pea-sized amount to wet or dry hair and pull through to place your style. For longer hair, apply sparingly through the ends, scrunch then leave to dry, or smooth through curls. Alternate with Wig hair trainer to maintain a style you’re trying to set.


View the @LushHairLabHQ demonstrating Wig & Infra Wig on Instagram here.

Discover the complete collection including Hairdressers Husband perfume, Shaved Ice shaving cream and NEW! Salty Body Spray.

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For further information on Wig and Infra Wig, please email [email protected]

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