Preserving Peruvian rainforest and protecting biodiversity

How does Lush’s supply of Brazil Nut Oil help Jaguars and other animals to thrive in the wild?

Over 10 years ago, Lush acquired two Peruvian forest logging concessions. Instead of cutting trees, we worked with local people to preserve the forest and its biodiversity.

In the Madre de Dios concession, Brazil nuts are harvested in partnership with Castañeros peoples who hand-harvest nuts from the forest floor, moving to the middle of the Amazon forest during harvest time where they build camps and search vast areas of jungle for Brazil nuts. Those nuts are cold-processed locally in a solar-powered factory and turned into Lush’s beautiful vitamin-E rich Brazil nut oil.

Animals spotted in the forest concession

In the Ucayali concession, a recent study1 found that the land supports nearly three times more primate life per area than outside the land boundaries, as well as some species that were only spotted there and not elsewhere.

While business supply chains are causing the world extreme damage (it’s estimated that only 8 companies’ supply chains account for 50% of the world’s carbon emissions), the way we source ingredients can also have the potential to protect and restore wild nature. Lush has an entire team focussed on sourcing materials in ways that benefit people, animals and the planet.

Feel like a trip to the jungle? This Brazil Nut Oil can be found in nourishing Candy Rain hair conditioner and skin moisturising Ro’s Argan body conditioner.

Lush products can, quite literally, leave the world Lusher.

1 The Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) conducted community survey and guide trainings, delivered awareness campaigns, installed camera traps and carried out surveys in the Lush concession as well as the surrounding communities. The results were published in scientific papers and further informed the IUCN red list for threatened species. The survey spotted 30 monkeys per sq km in the Lush concession versus 12 in the surrounding areas.

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