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Lush sources all of it's own ingredients, from natural butters and oils to paper and packaging and everything in between....

At Lush we pride ourselves on our creativity, and this doesn’t stop with our products. Since the beginning our aim has been to use the best, safest and most beautiful ingredients.

We have discovered that if you want the best ingredients, you have to go out and find them yourself in the wider world. Our dedicated Buying team works tirelessly to ensure that’s what we get. Often this involves a great deal of creative thinking and finding solutions to problems, such as sourcing the finest essential oils and absolutes, the best natural raw materials, safe synthetics, 100% recycled packaging or removing Palm oil from our products. Lush has a very strong commitment to the communities and areas from which we buy our ingredients.

We feel that our ingredients should be bought in a respectful way safeguarding the environment and the social impact. Lush supports Fair Trade and Community Trade initiatives. We find out what impact our buying has on the people and environment and make responsible decisions regarding from where, from whom and how we purchase ingredients and packaging for Lush.


most of our flower based essential oils are processed within 2 hours of being picked

Find out where we source our ingredients from


recycled plastic packaging since 2008


Lemons freshly squeezed in 2020, in the UK


of our fruit and vegetables are organic


ingredients sourced direct from suppliers

We Believe in Regeneration

An act or the process of regenerating : the state of being regenerated.

We believe that the way we source materials has an ability to Protect, Regenerate and Restore our planet and communities. Beyond long-term targets and goals, these times call for a much more fundamental commitment from us all. In Buying, we have a commitment to life, in support of diversity and growth of life on our living planet, of rewilding life with humans at the heart of this transformation. Our vision is for a supply network where the regeneration of life is at the core of sourcing decisions. We want to give back more than we take and leave the world a lusher place than we found it.

Sourcing Hubs

In 2017 we decided a strategy was needed, within our work, to protect what is left of the world’s biodiversity. It so happens that the majority of resources we rely on often originate from biodiversity hotspots around the world – where you’ll find the world’s richest soils. We decided to focus on four geographical areas of the world.

South America was one ‘hub’. As one of the richest biodiversity hotspots, home to many endemic species of fauna and flora, it is all the more important that we have a hands on approach to ensuring our purchasing practices  supports biodiversity, not endangers it. Agriculture is the biggest cause of habitat loss and ecosystem  fragmentation. It was therefore vital that we adopt alternative agricultural/ harvesting practices which challenges more destructive agricultural approaches. 

A Lush Sourcing Hub (sometimes an entity, or on-the-ground team) holds the space to directly support local communities and businesses who produce materials in ecologically and socially just ways, through the purchase of materials. This may involve working in more unconventional ways to help communities set-up and scale up to supply the volume and quality of material needed. It may also involve setting up demonstration farms/ forestry in order to influence and support alternative, more ecological ways of producing materials. 

Meet the team!

What do the buying team care about most, in the work they do?

Building relationships with direct sources all over the world has always been the part I love most.  Creating strong, fair relationships with mutual respect.”

Steph Newton, Raw Materials Buyer

“I would say authenticity- an awareness of what that work feeds into-both conceptually and tangibly. The dynamic nature of the job is definitely one of the best things through having to work with different people across projects. The opportunity to have different distinct experiences all feeding into one role and the ability to inspire both ways are some of the most special things about my job. “

Jodi Francis, Colours Buyer

People. Demonstrating alternative viable ways of doing business – where people and the environment truly matter, not just the bottom line.

Learning. Being able to build knowledge and expertise of how things are grown and / or produced – really understanding the processes from start to finish. Thirdly, creating financial models that benefit the business and producers – profit redistribution. “

Gabbi Loedolff, Africa Sourcing Hub Manager

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The Buying team exists to bring your Lush products the freshest, best quality materials we can find. This often takes us to all corners of the world – mountains, deserts, forests and coastlands. We often rely on specific microclimates, soil microbiology and ecosystems for our diverse range of essential oils and absolutes. In most cases our essential oil crops need to be distilled within a couple of hours of being picked, to ensure the oils don’t evaporate. That’s how fresh we are! 

We work with our trusted suppliers to ensure we understand each step of the process to bring the best quality oils out of nature’s offerings. 

Have a look at what is being harvested around the world, right now, ready to be distilled or extracted into oils and absolutes for your beautiful Lush product.

Buying Innovation

Innovation has always been the heart of Lush. In Buying, we have also had to rely on creativity to be able to develop new packaging and shop fittings which are more regenerative. Here are a few examples:

Yoghurt pot surfaces: Some of our shops have incorporated a 100% recycled yoghurt pot board into their design. This off white material is easily recognisable by the scraps of silver left from the yoghurt pot lids during recycling!

Skincare “slates” : They look like slate but they are actually made from 100% recycled plastic from our  soap moulds.  By doing this we have closed the loop on our waste stream and we think they look great too!

Ceramic tiles: Did you know when you are walking around our shops the tiles you are standing on are made from between 21-45% recycled content and produced solely using green energy.

For the packaging we do use, 84% is reusable, recyclable or compostable and 72% is made from recycled, organic or regenerative sources. Our digital fulfilment boxes are also now being sourced from a carbon neutral company in the UK, drastically reducing the footprint of more than 637,000 boxes we send across Europe.


of Lush packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable