World Sleep Day 2021

The last year has had a huge impact on many of our lives and disruptions to daily routines and we’re all in need of some relaxation. To celebrate World Sleep Day (19th March), some of the UK & Ireland Lush Shop Managers have shared their top tips and evening routines for a good night’s sleep.

Ann-Marie McArdle, Lush Newry Shop Manager

“Practice gratitude. At the end of each day write down three great things you experienced that day and are grateful for. Allow yourself some time to really feel gratitude for all the small things we can very easily take for granted.”

Alex Talbot, Lush Cheltenham Shop Manager

“I love to cleanse my face with Angels on Bare Skin, then pop on some Vanishing Cream! I take the time to lay on my Shakti Mat (an acupressure mat) while practicing some mindfulness and reflecting on my day!”

Liberty Nicholls, Lush Southampton Shop Manager

“The best routine I’ve found for unwinding in the evenings is a mug of Lavender & Chamomile tea with a full skincare pamper!”

Kyle Hadley, Lush Solihull Shop Manager

“I have found putting podcasts/audiobooks on when I’m putting my head down as the best way I can drift off”

Sara-Mai Davies, Lush Cribbs Causeway Shop Manager

“A pot of sleepy tea is a must for me, it also ensures I’m topping up my water intake for the day.

Moisturising with our best selling Sleepy hand and body lotion and spritzing my sheets with our Twilight body spray always ensures I’m in for a good nights sleep!”

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