Lush products delivered to your door in as little as two hours

The freshest way to get your favourite cosmetics


Using fresh ingredients and delivering products to customers as soon as possible for maximum freshness has always been a cornerstone of Lush. Now, for the first time, Lush customers will be able to get their favourite fresh handmade cosmetics delivered directly to their door in as little as two hours!

From Thursday 5th November, 45 Lush shops nationwide will be teaming up with on-demand delivery service, Stuart to enable customers to place orders directly with their local Lush shop, who will then arrange their trackable same day delivery.

The service will be available 7 days a week during shop opening hours, within a 5 mile radius of each participating Lush shop. To order, simply contact your local Lush shop offering this service via their social channels or by email to complete your order form and book your delivery in.

You won’t find fresher products than Lush’s, they’re on a never-ending mission!

We adore serving our customers to meet their exact needs and we recognise that these needs are ever changing. Our partnership with Stuart means that customers local to us can access their Lush goodies, even when they can’t physically get to us. For a last minute gift, your favourite bath bomb or that face mask you can’t be without, we can get it to you in a flash! Getting your hands on Lush has never been easier!

Charlotte Howe – Lush Group Retail Leadership Team

Lush Shops offering Stuart delivery service:

Lush Birmingham, Lush Bournemouth, Lush Brent Cross, Lush Brighton, Lush Bristol, Lush Bromley, Lush Bury, Lush Cambridge, Lush Cardiff, Lush Clapham, Lush Croydon, Lush Derby, Lush Hull, Lush Kingston, Lush Leeds, Lush Leicester, Lush Liverpool, Lush Liverpool Street, Lush London City, Lush Manchester Market, Lush Manchester Trafford, Lush Meadowhall,Lush Merry Hill, Lush Middlesbrough, Lush Milton Keynes, Lush Newcastle, Lush Northampton, Lush Nottingham, Lush Oxford, Lush Oxford Street, Lush Paddington, Lush Reading, Lush Romford, Lush Sheffield, Lush Solihull, Lush South Molton St, Lush Sunderland, Lush Swansea, Lush Victoria, Lush Wakefield, Lush Warrington, Lush Waterloo, Lush White Rose, Lush Wimbledon

Even more ways to stock up on your favourite Lush treats this Christmas….

Alongside Stuart deliveries, Lush are offering an abundance of different ways for customers to shop with them this year to make sure everyone is able to get their favourite fresh handmade treats whenever they need them including Lush Collect. 

Lush Collect is available in all Lush shops in the UK and Ireland. To use this service, customers can simply get in touch with their local Lush shop via their designated order and collect form on their shop’s page on Lush website, let them know what products and gifts they would like to purchase and when, and the shop will prepare them for customers to collect and pay for.

To discover the press release showcasing other ways to shop with Lush this Christmas, please click here.

To find your local Lush shop, please click here.



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