Step into a personification of a Lush bath bomb…

with Lush’s Book A Bath immersive experience

Available until 8th June 2022 at Lush Spa locations in Liverpool, Bath and London’s Oxford Street. £40 for 30 minute bathing experience + 15 minute consultation.

Following the World Bath Bomb Day in April, Lush has created the Book A Bath immersive experience. Available exclusively in three Lush Spa locations, each bathroom captures the essence of the bath bomb’s unique aesthetic and the bathing experience they provide. This isn’t a normal bathroom, this is a Lush bathroom!

The Experience:


Book a Bath is an indulgent, self led bathing experience offering new and existing customers the opportunity to discover Lush’s best kept secret, the Lush Spa. Created with all the senses in mind, during the Book a Bath experience you will be paired with products tailored to your skin, a refreshing complimentary drink and a soundtrack to immerse you in your adventure in bathing. Each experience includes a bath bomb, a fresh face mask and cooling eye pads. The soundtrack has been curated in house by ‘Lush Fresh Handmade Sound to accompany you as you bathe and elevate your multisensory experience.

Available for a limited time only in Lush’s Spa locations in Bath, Oxford Street and Liverpool. Lush Oxford Street and Lush Bath’s Book a Bath features an immersive bathing experience inspired by The Lakes bath bomb for those looking to reconnect with nature and submerge in lush, floral landscapes. Lush Liverpool’s Book a Bath takes inspiration from the pink disco glamour of Diamond Dust bath bomb for those looking exude main character energy and soak in swirls of sparkle with fresh fragrance.

“It’s just not the same at home, there is something special about someone running you a bath, a true act of kindness. And you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after!”

“It’s like going out for dinner. Yeah I can cook but they are the experts and the atmosphere and the fact you don’t even have to think about cleaning up. it’s a whole experience”

Customer Reviews

Call or email your preferred spa to book Book A Bath: The Lakes experience or Book A Bath: Diamond Dust experience. 

Celebrating Lush Bath Bombs:

World Bath Bomb Day and the Book A Bath experience is the beginning of a series of activities to celebrate taking a Lush bath, and to promote the importance of switching off, taking a deep breath, and letting your bathroom transport you to another place.

Since Lush Co-founder, Mo Constantine invented the bath bomb over 30 years ago, Lush has always been about advocating wellbeing, “We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, and filling the world with perfume” is part of Lush’s mission statement and at the core of Lush’s very purpose as a business.

For more information on Book A Bath, please email [email protected].

Notes to Editor:

The single layer, fast fizzing bath bomb was invented in 1989 by Mo Constantine in her garden shed. Creatively packaged, these new and exciting products turned bath time on its head. Starting with the simple ‘Aqua Sizzler’, we’ve come a long way since then. When Lush began we saw the birth of such classics as ‘Butterball’ and ‘Blackberry Bath Bomb’, simple in their construction but wonderfully effective.

Patented layered ballistics changed the way we do bathing, and classics like Twilight and Dragon’s Egg were born. Later, in 2014, Jack Constantine introduced the concept of #BathArt and opened the whole world’s eyes to the magical, colourful world of bath bombs. 

Always evolving and changing, we later saw the addition of Jelly Bombs to the range in 2017 where sodium alginate softens the skin while providing a whole new texture to the bathing experience.

Social media interactions lead to the creation of Goddess in 2017, inspired by Ariana Grande’s chart topping song: ‘God is a Woman’. In 2018 we introduced fresh technology in our first waterless store in Harajuku, Tokyo followed by Lush partnering with filmmaker Pheobe Arnstein to create the film documentary: We The Bathers, inspired by bathing stories from across the world, including Japan. 

Then last year, we released our latest bathing collection: Adventures in Bathing, inspiring our customers to explore bathing as a tool for accompanying their well being journey. So who knows where bathing will lead us in the future? We’ve come a long way, but we’re still fresh, still handmade, and still revolutionising bathing.

Lush bath bombs are fresh and handmade, and if you want a reminder of just how handmade they are, watch this How It’s Made video showcasing global favourite, Intergalactic.

Find images of the Lush Book a Bath experience here

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