Soothe and re-energise post-workout with magnesium and CBD

A good workout means squat without the right muscle recovery! Wind down with a soul-soothing massage bar, soak in restorative waters and clear your mind with Lush’s post-workout magnesium and CBD formulas.

Treat muscles to some TLC as the fresh, handmade cosmetics company has announced Magik, a collection of brand new CBD-based products to treat the senses. Made with ingredients to soothe the body and mind, set the alarm for 4:20pm and don’t miss an afternoon bathtime with Magik. Harness all the power of the super-natural and lather, massage, bathe and bask with ingredients such as anti-inflammatory CBD, soothing magnesium and adaptogenic herbs including conditioning ashwagandha and calming shiitake mushrooms. 

Whilst hitting the gym can be incredibly beneficial for the mind and body, looking after the muscles and taking time to wind down afterwards can be equally as important to improve overall wellbeing. To smooth out tension, reduce inflammation and aid relaxation, Lush has a wide range of products to help aid muscle recovery for the perfect full body pamper.

MAGIK CBD & epsom salt cube bath bomb, £11.00

Made with powdered shiitake mushroom, over 40% Epsom salts and our most generous helping of CBD yet, a bath with this beauty serves up bucketloads of relaxation. For silky magnesium-infused waters, this deeply restorative Epsom Salt cube contains chamomile blue oil, known for its beneficial effects on the skin and mood.

Cold Water Soother bath bomb, £6

Post-run aches? Re-energise your body and mind with a soothing magnesium bath, specially designed for cold water bathing. The benefits of cold water bathing are incredibly high- in the field of athletics and other sports, ice baths are thought to aid recovery and reduce inflammation.

MAGIK CBD & magnesium massage bar, £14.00

Let a generous helping of CBD and plenty of magnesium oil melt over your skin and melt away the aches of the day, if only for a spell.Helping to aid rest and wellbeing, this solid moisturiser contains a triple whammy of panax ginseng, ashwagandha infusion and shiitake mushroom; adaptogenic ingredients that are said to promote resilience to stress.

Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar, £8

Smooth out tension with a massage packed with extra virgin coconut oil to soften skin, and stimulating aduki beans to work away stubborn knots. All scented with a warming blend of cinnamon leaf and peppermint essential oils.

Lush massage bars have been formulated with moisturising Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, sourced from communities living on the edge of the biodiversity-rich Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone, home to pygmy hippos. Our supplier supports farmers in protecting and conserving the forest, encouraging farmers to stop deforestation and encroachment on wild land – instead growing in biodiversity friendly ways. 

Slow down to speed up

For the ultimate post-workout experience, take the time to visit the Lush Spa and leave it in the hands of Lush’s expert spa therapists to provide the best service to leave muscles feeling brand new. 

Tailor Made Treatment, £75

A tailored 30 minute firm massage that works the muscles to ease and revive tired bodies, coming back to shore feeling restored and uplifted.

Hard Days Night Treatment, £120

Feel all the benefits of yoga, massage and a good night’s sleep with a 75 minute full-body passive stretching treatment inspired by The Beatles.

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About Lush

Since establishing in 1995, Lush has been driven by innovation and its ethics. Creators of pioneering beauty products, one of Lush’s most well-known creations is the bath bomb. 

Invented in 1989 by Lush Co-Founder Mo Constantine in her garden shed, bath bombs have become a global sensation – all hand pressed in Lush’s own manufacturing sites across the world, Lush sold over 21.2 million last year.

A beauty company with a campaigning heart, Lush is on a mission to create a product for every need and a cosmetic revolution to save the planet. The ultimate goal is to leave the world ‘Lusher than we found it’.

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