Lush’s Mother’s Day 2023 Collection

Making our mums proud since 1995


Fresh handmade gifts and products packed full of super powered ingredients that not only do wonders for your loved one’s skin, but regenerate social and eco-systems for the super maternal figures in your life.

From fine fragrance in hand cream to the return of 2022’s customer favourite Mother’s Day products, and a buzzy soap with ingredients that supports pollinators – this year’s collection has a pampering treat for all of those looking to leave the world Lusher than we found it. 

 The Lush Mother’s Day 2023 collection is available from 15th February 2023 on and in shops nationwide. View and download images here.

In addition to the Lush Mother’s Day collection, Lush is also expanding its Home Fragrance range with the launch of five dual-use Lush melts and three handmade candles available all year round.

For further information, please email [email protected]

Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars:

Tea Party Bath Bomb
£6.00 / €7.95

Take a dip in neon green waters and feel the embrace of mood boosting bubbles with this cuddly cutie. Uplifting lemongrass and bergamot make this the perfect choice for a morning bath – a kind and caring way to start your day. 

Atom Heart Mother Bath Bomb
£5.00 / €6.50

Escape to your bathroom with this uplifting bath bomb for a beautiful day. The best selling Mother’s day bath bomb in 2022, Atom Heart Mother is packed with a plethora of uplifting citrus oils – Bergamot Oil, Brazilian Orange Oil and Neroli Oil.

Time To Relax Bombshell Bath Bomb
£8.50 / €10.00

Relax in mineral-rich water to help unwind the mind and encourage restorative sleep.

Magnesium sulphate will help to deeply soothe muscles and prepare the body for a more restful fulfilling sleep.

  • All Lush products are made by hand using little or no preservatives or packaging (did you know over 66% of Lush’s product range is now naked?)

  • Formulated to amplify the super powered abilities of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, butters and essential oils to support and protect your microbiome

  • Lush gifts are packed with biodegradable and compostable eco-pops, made from cornstarch. The papers used to wrap gifts are made from 100% recycled paper, upcycled cotton t-shirt offcuts or lokta and banana fibre.

AvoCuddle Bubble Bar
£6.00 / €7.95

Take a dip in neon green waters and feel the embrace of mood boosting bubbles with this cuddly cutie. Uplifting lemongrass and bergamot make this the perfect choice for a morning bath – a kind and caring way to start your day.

Jasmine Bath Bomb
£4.50 / €6.00

This fragrant flower fizzes away to reveal a creamy white bath with a sophisticated jasmine and ylang ylang scent. Jasmine absolute and ylang ylang are great soothers of the mind to give you a moment of calm.

Shower and Body:

Super Duper Hand Cream
£10.00  /  €12.50

Fine fragrance in hand cream form. Soothe that skin with this wonderful new hand cream from product inventors, Gary and Rowena. Each pot is laced with mood-boosting citruses, florals and woods to bring a smile to your face with every sniff.

Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back Eye Pads
£3.50 / €4.50

Lay back, relax and let your dreams run wild with these cooling, soothing and hydrating eye pads. With chamomile and butterfly pea flower infusion as a treat for your skin and senses.

Store in the fridge until ready to use. Due to a whole host of fresh ingredients, these are best used fresh, within 3 weeks of the date of manufacture.

Buzzy Mum Soap
£6.00 / €8.00

Rhubarb and mimosa lathers for busy mums to look after themselves!

Buzzy Mum is packed to the brim with energising mimosa absolute, sparkling sweet wild orange oil, and floral-fresh carnation absolute to boost your energy when you need it most.

This brightly scented buzzer was inspired by Ruth from Lush’s Earth Care team and features ingredients from agriculture that supports pollinators!

Sticky Syrup Hand & Body Soap
£6.00 / €8.00

Caramel suds to satisfy your sweet tooth…

…but seriously, don’t eat it! The incredibly popular scent is one you’ll know from Sticky Dates shower gel! With softening marshmallow root mucilage and fresh plantain for its emollient, moisturising properties. 

Balanites Hand & Body Soap
£6.00 / €8.00

A floral daydream. Take a moment to calm down with this beautifully soothing soap. As soon as you lather it up, the scent will engage your memory…that’s right, this is a Dream Cream-scented hand and body soap!  The base is made with Fair Trade cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil, organic castor oil and, of course, balanites oil for an incredibly luxurious wash every time you lather up. 

Proper Hand & Body Soap
£6.00 / €8.00

Creamy lathers to take things gently, like a slow walk through nature. This gourmet, olive oil-based soap is perfect for anyone who requires a delicate touch or anyone who loves soft floral bouquets wafting up from their suds. Take it in the shower and use all over for a real treat! You won’t be able to stop sniffing yourself after using this, thanks to the expert combination of jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, neroli and lavender to create an intoxicating fragrance.

Gift Sets:

Flower Power Gift
£40.00 / €50.00

Fill your springtime shower with a little joy from head to toe with these six bright and rejuvenating shower and body care beauties. 

Contents:  Buzzy Mum soap, Mimosa shower gel 100g, Orange body scrub 100g, Super Duper hand cream 100g, Rose Jam shower gel 100g, Gorgeous facial moisturiser sample

Happy Mother’s Day Gift
£40.00 / €48.00

Day or Night, this collection of bath and body care goodies will put a spring in your step or help you unwind. Give mum the gift of springtime magic, beautifully wrapped in a vibrant reusable knot wrap made from organic cotton.

Contents: Tea Party bath bomb, Deep Sleep epsom salt cube, Sleepy shower cream 100g, Dream Cream hand and body lotion, Honey I washed the Kids soap, Brightside bubble bar, Knot Wrap 70cm

Just For You Gift
£11.00 / €14.00

Time to unwind and have a pamper with this delightful duo of exclusive bath time treats. This classic floral design is made up of big, beautiful blooms full of colour and joy – inspired by spring bursting into life.

Contents: Jasmine bath bomb, Tea Party bath bomb

Mum Gift
£21.00 / €28.00

The perfect gift for bath bomb lovers. These four fruity and floral scented bath products will whisk mum off to wildflower meadows for pure serenity and relaxation.

Contents:  Jasmine bath bomb, Atom Heart Mother bath bomb, Sakura bath bomb, Tea Party bath bomb

Mum’s Bathtime Favourites Gift
£50.00 / €62.00

Treat your mum with a selection of bathtime favourites. This design is inspired by the elegant and decorative features you’d find on a traditional carousel.

Featuring best sellers from Lush’s all year round range as well as some seasonal exclusives. And once you’re done, use this gorgeous hatbox to store your Lush goodies!

Contents:  Sleepy bubble bar, Brightside bubble bar, Tea Party bath bomb, Deep Sleep bath bomb, The Comforter bubble bar, Atom Heart Mother bath bomb, Jasmine bath bomb, Twilight bath bomb, AvoCuddle bubble bar 

Knot Wraps and Lokta Paper:

Knot wraps have multiple uses and ways to wrap them for a reusable gift wrap. Recycle them using out Knot Wrap Swap Scheme

Butterfly House Knot Wrap
£6.00 / €7.00

A 70cm x 70cm Knot Wrap made from organic cotton and designed by designer Marcel George. 

‘I wanted to create a piece of art to celebrate the delicacy of life on earth, with an explosion of joy, colour and diversity”

Happiness Makes A Splash Knot Wrap
£6.00 / €7.00

This 70cm x 70cm knot wrap was designed by a collection of artists from Arthouse unlimited and is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

‘We took a dive into a world of dreams and drew magical mermaids and wondrous underwater creatures’ – Amy Sherratt & Michael O’Sullivan

Ant’s Picnic Lokta Wrap
£2.00 / €2.50

Ants picnic is inspired by a classic family picnic combined with mischievous ants and their cheeky antics. This design originally started as a collection of heart shaped fruit which developed into a fun and interactive scene of love, fun and games.

This 35cm x 35cm size lokta wrap can wrap a 100g pot or bottle, or one standard-sized bath bomb.

Flowers For You Lokta Wrap
£2.00 / €2.50

Designed by Rieko from the Lush Japan Team. This lokta wrap design is Inspired by bouquets of flowers for mum on mothers day, the bright, vibrant colours bring happiness and joy.

This 35cm x 35cm size lokta wrap can wrap a 100g pot or bottle, or one standard-sized bath bomb. Why not keep a floral theme and wrap up a Jasmine bath bomb?

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