The iconic bath time product range is going to more than double on 27th April in celebration of World Bath Bomb Day!

Fresh handmade cosmetics company Lush is set to add 29 new and original bathing buddies to its collection. The new range is launching on World Bath Bomb Day – a day which celebrates Lush being awarded the trademark for the iconic bath bomb, which was invented by Lush co-founder Mo Constantine in her garden shed in 1989.

Encompassing wellbeing, fun and fitness, predicted best selling products from the new range include an innovative new bath bomb designed for post-workout cold water bathing, a miniature solid shampoo bar tucked inside a baby bot bath bomb to help children love bathtime, and Lush’s first consumer tech product – the Bath Bot.

The Bath Bot is identical in size and shape with Lush’s iconic bath bomb and features a distinctive domed convex speaker for 180-degree sound and full-spectrum multidirectional lights that fill the bath and bathroom with a radiant light show.

These 29 new products join existing fan-favourites like Toby’s Magic Cow – invented by a customer for her brother who was a big fan of cows and rainbows – and Intergalactic; the number one selling bath bomb in the world.

To celebrate World Bath Bomb Day, UK and Ireland Lush stores will be hosting bath bomb pressing parties on Saturday 27th April, giving customers the chance to make their own bath bomb from the new range which has never been available before. Slots for selected bath bomb workshops can be booked in advance via Eventbrite, while others will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Charlotte Nisbet, bathing category lead at Lush, said: “From Queen Cleopatra to the ancient Romans, if we look to history then there does seem to be something to immersing yourself in water compared to just giving yourself a scrub down in the shower, and there’s a growing body of research on the topic.

“A 2022 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that regular bathing at 40c for 30 minutes helped decrease sympathetic nerve activity, which provides physical and mental health benefits. Other research from Japan suggests that bathing can also help you to fall asleep faster, particularly in the winter.

“When we design Lush bath products, we aim to bolster those benefits with essential oils and other ingredients. Personally, I don’t think you can beat Deep Sleep bath bomb as a nighttime remedy, which essentially turns your bath into a giant cup of lavender and chamomile tea (although I don’t advise drinking your bath water…). In a shower, not only do you limit the time any beneficial ingredients spend on your skin, but you just don’t relax in the same way that you do in a bath. After all, who’s ever really relaxed standing up?”

Lush’s History and Future

As the inventor of the bath bomb, Lush marks World Bath Bomb Day every year to celebrate the history and future of this iconic product, creating a fizzing version of its first ever shop door, bringing back retro favourites, and innovating in bathroom tech.

Iconic Door Bath Bomb, £5 / €6
$ USD 7.50 / $ CAD 8.00

Sink into a warm bath and open the doorway to pure imagination. We’ve recreated the unique scent of the home of Lush at 29½ High Street, Poole, Dorset with cheery lime and Sicilian lemon, uplifting ylang ylang, sweet tonka and comforting sandalwood. And just like our Lush shops, colourful surprises are hidden inside, just waiting to be revealed. Welcome home.

This is one of Lush’s first colour changing bath bombs, colour hidden in the agar agar powder will release once in the bath water.

Bath Bot, £150

Lush is always innovating new and creative ways to make bathing as fun and special as possible, which is never more evident than in this new collection, especially with the introduction of Bath Bot (£150) – its new piece of bathroom technology to revolutionise the bathroom experience. 
Available to purchase from the UK, US (not available in California yet), Japan and Australia ecommerce platforms and Apps, Bath Bot has been conceived by Lush’s in-house tech R&D team and manufactured in the UK.  It’s sustainable, vegan and water resistant and offers a solution to e-waste (although designed to be a bathing companion for life!), as it is engineered without the use of glue (animal-derived or otherwise) which means it’s easier to disassemble if required and be reassembled by Lush for future use. 

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Never bathe boring!

Slammer Bath Bomb, £4 / €5
$ USD 7.50 / $ CAD 8

From way back on our shop shelves of yesteryear, all the way through to being featured in our Lush Kitchen subscription boxes, Slammer has been a favourite fragrance of our customers for years! Now, it’s back in bath bomb form to surprise and delight in the tub! Slammer’s invigorating citrus blend of lime and Sicilian lemon oil is sure to put the boom boom into your bath, helping to fuel an early start.

Giant Intergalactic Bath Bomb, £15 / €18
$ USD 19 / $ CAD 20

Our bestseller at its biggest, this is Intergalactic in another dimension! Boasting refreshing peppermint, cedarwood and grapefruit oils that orbit around you, this bath bomb’s zesty fragrance has proven to be a real hit, leaving cobalt-blue clouds and shimmering stardust in your bath.

Secretly submerged inside, one of three gold, silver, or green diamond-shaped soaps await, that share the same joy-sparking scent as the bath bomb. Scan all 3 diamond soaps with Lush Lens to unlock a hidden surprise within the Lush app.

For kids (big and small!)

The Lush inventors’ love of bright colours, funky characters and beautiful bath art has provided best-selling bathtime buddies that appeal to the playful side of all, such as Toby’s Magic Cow, Unicorn Poop and Ickle Baby Bot over the years, and these new additions are no different.

There’s also an extra special bath bomb launching as part of this WBBD collection, Crackle, in honour of seven-year-old Dexter Constantine-Thatchell, our Master of Dragons.  In July 2022, the Constantine family devastatingly lost Dexter, after a ferocious and brave fight against Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer that’s lacking awareness as well as funding for research and treatment. Collaborating to make change, Lush has supported the launch of Dexter’s Arc, which is part of Alice’s Arc; a children’s cancer charity. Money raised for Dexter’s Arc will go towards funding non-animal testing research into Rhabdomyosarcoma.

100% (minus government tax) of all sales from the Crackle bath bomb, named after the teddy Dexter found comfort in throughout his treatment, will go towards developing humane and human-relevant methods.

Crackle Bath Bomb, £7 / €8.50
$ USD 9 / $ CAD 9.50

Created by Dexter’s dad Jack Constantine, Crackle is an evolution of Dexter’s Dragon Egg. Crackle represents the slumbering dragon that lived inside Dexter’s Dragon Egg, now awoken to bring fun and play to bath times around the world.  A warming, yet uplifting bath with popping candy to add audible crackles to bathing adventures.   

All of the sales from this bath bomb will go towards Dexter’s Arc (part of Alice’s Arc children’s cancer charity), to be put towards non-animal tested research into Rhabdomyosarcoma. Alice’s Arc honours children and families, by giving them support and platforms to raise awareness and funds in a medical world that isn’t doing enough to evolve more suitable treatments for our children.  Dexter, Alice and so many children have lost their lives and futures needlessly because the treatments weren’t available. We will forever treasure them; the golden souls who made lasting impacts in their short lives.

Beat the Clock Badger Bath Bomb, £9 / €11
$ USD 11 / $ CAD 11.50

This sweet-scented mammal’s got wheels and is racing to the vegetable patch, via your bath. Badger’s blended with zesty Brazilian orange oil and sweet benzoin resinoid to create a nostalgic, candy-sweet fragrance. Rice starch becomes a smooth cream when heated by the warmth of the water, and corn oil hydrates for a skin-softening soak that can’t be beat!

Apple a Day Bath Bomb, £9 / €11
$ USD 11 / $ CAD 11.50

It’s a busy world, but a warm, fragrant bath will help you slow down! Don’t sprint to the finish, just relax and soak in the deliciously crisp, apple scent. Uplifting Brazilian orange and bergamot oils fill the air in Bathtown, while mood-boosting neroli drives you to a better mindset.

Pig in a Poke Bath Bomb, £9 / €11
$ USD 11 / $ CAD 11.50

This 2-in-1 bath bomb is a sure winner! Whizzin’ and fizzin’ in your bath with this cuddly strawberry piglet and its speedy, sweet, yummy pineapple motor. This speedy little number’s got a lot going on under the hood, with buttery-caramel notes that’re sure to get your engines revving. On the other hand, our little piggy behind the wheel is full of yummy fresh strawberry fragrance.

Ickle Bot with Shampoo Bar Bath Bomb, £5 / €6
$ USD 8 / $CAD 8.50

 When bathtime is a struggle and the little ones are having none of it, introduce the ultimate robo-pal. A gentle, fun bomb that brings the joy back to bathtimes, with a rose water and aquafaba shampoo bar hidden inside!

Ickle Bot’s calming chamomile blue, sandalwood, and lavender oils are perfect to pair with your pre-bedtime routine, while the mini shampoo bar concealed inside offers the softest of touches to sensitive scalps.

Sleepy Bot with Shampoo Bar Bath Bomb, £5 / €6
$ USD 8 / $CAD 8.50

When bathtime is a struggle and the little ones are having none of it, introduce the ultimate robo-pal. A gentle, fun bomb that brings the joy back to bathtimes, with a rose water and aquafaba shampoo bar hidden inside!

Sleepy Bot’s shares a fragrance with our bestselling soothing lavender oil, ylang ylang and sweet tonka absolute Sleepy range, while the mini shampoo bar concealed inside offers the softest of touches to sensitive scalps.

Mystical, Magical, Musical

Earthy scents, fairy tales and folk music inspire several of Lush’s 29 new bath bombs, including some Joni Mitchell-inspired butterscotch, a Korean fairytale brought to life, and the scent of an early morning dew.

Brother Moon Bath Bomb, £6 / €7.50
$ USD 9 / $ CAD 9.50

Shift from day to night and relax in a warm bath with Brother Moon. Fresh, green rhubarb notes are infused with zesty grapefruit and calming rose oil to leave you beaming as it orbits around you, creating astronomical bath art. A bath bomb like this only comes around once in a blue moon.

Druids of Bath Bath Bomb, £8 / €10
$ USD 9.50 / $ CAD 10

Light a candle and indulge in the ritual of bathing with a long soak in deep, green waters that swirl with vibrant gold lustre. Lush Co-founder Mark invented a Druids of Bath perfume, transporting you to an ancient forest with oakmoss absolute, cypress oil and the fresh, green, slightly spicy notes of celery seed oil.

Chelsea Morning Bath Bomb, £7 / €8.50
$ USD 9 / $ CAD 9.50

Open the curtains and let the sun pour through! With an orange top resembling sunlight and a base of blue sky and clouds, this bath bomb is best enjoyed soaking in the tub with the morning sun pouring through the window. Tonka and vanilla absolutes blend with lemon myrtle oil to create a warm, butterscotch aroma. It’s the sweetest way to start the day!

Time of the Season Bath Bomb, £7 / €8.50 $ USD 10 / $ CAD 10.50

A bath bomb that’ll take you to the bathing promised lands. Made with kind. caring hands and featuring rich, vibrant colours, lay back, relax and bathe under neon green, pink, and orange sundrenched waters. Featuring orange flower absolute that’s sure to spread sunshine across your mind, hand-in-hand with organic neroli and dark Sumatran patchouli oil, a pairing that’s soothing on your skin and grounding on your mind. It’s the Time of the Season for loving yourself, we’re sure this bomb will gently restore your composure, while instilling an overall feeling of peace.

Woodstock Bath Bomb, £8 / €10 $ USD 7.50 / $ CAD 8

Not everyone can be awake in time to soak in the smell of cool, misty morning dew, to appreciate that fresh, earthy scent of petrichor. For those that can’t, invite that feeling into the comfort of your bathroom and bathe in the light, fresh, grassy fragrance of Woodstock as the gentle hues of green fizz out from inside the gentle muslin cloth this bath bomb is wrapped in. Hulled hemp seeds inside imbue your bathwater with a milky, moisturising effect, while cedarleaf oil’s sharp and grassy scent begins to de-stress your mind.

Magic Bus Bath Bomb, £4 / €5 $ USD 6 / $ CAD 6.50

When the world’s getting you down, hop in our Magic Bus and feel the flower power! We’re sure you’ll dig the piña colada-inspired party perfume in this bath bomb, while the hippie colour palette creates a far-out explosion of colour in the water. Inside the bus, lemongrass oil tones your skin, as argan oil is packed full of skin-nourishing vitamin E, leaving you feeling soft and smooth. Coriander seed oil thrown in too, which can help soothe and warm tired, aching muscles.

World’s Smallest Disco Bath Bomb, £5 / €6 $ USD 9 / $ CAD 9.50

It’s the World’s Smallest Disco, and it’s happening live and in-person, exclusively in your bathtub. Can you dig it, cool cats? Designed specifically with Bath Bot, our water resistant Bluetooth speaker, in mind, we’ve cooked up a storm on the dancefloor! A far-out cascade of colours emerge from this disc-shaped bath bomb, perfectly harmonising with Bath Bot’s groovy custom light show. With lemon myrtle and grapefruit oils that’ll lift your spirits, while the bespoke ‘Rave’ setting on Bath Bot raises the vibrations.

Fitness and Wellbeing

Not just the experts in bathing, Lush’s invention team is home to some pretty impressive athletes too – including Lush co-founder and 25-time marathon runner Helen Ambrosen. Minerals such as magnesium and Epsom salts, and the calming fragrances of lavender and chamomile, are at the heart of several new bath bombs created with fitness enthusiasts, recovery and overall wellbeing in mind.

Cold Water Soother Epsom Salt Bath Cube, £6 / €7.50 $ USD 7.50 / $ CAD 8

Re-energise your body and mind with a soothing magnesium bath, Lush’s first bath bomb specifically designed for cool water. Inhale the reviving aroma of eucalyptus, cypress and dark Sumatran patchouli oils, while magnesium-rich Epsom salts create soft and soothing waters for tired bodies.

While the muscles enjoy some TLC, the mind can soak up the relaxation too. A reviving perfume of cypress, eucalyptus and dark Sumatran patchouli oils are blended with geosmin: the compound responsible for the sweet, earthy smell of falling rain. Believed to be beneficial for the human mood, humans are especially sensitive to this grounding aroma, which can promote calmness and relaxation.

“So many people are enjoying the benefits of the ‘cold’ becoming part of their lives. Those lucky enough to live near the sea or even rivers can take cold water dips as often as they like. But if you don’t have that nearby a bath with a Cold Water Soother bath bomb means you can enjoy the effect and the relaxation in your own bathroom.” – Helen Ambrosen, Lush Co-Founder and Product Inventor

The One With Lavender Bath Bomb, £6 / €7.50 $ USD 8.50 / $ CAD 9

This gentle bath bomb is the perfect remedy for any time you need a bit of rest and relaxation. Each one is handmade fresh with organic lavender oil, a great ally to have if you’re struggling with sleepless nights. Just run a warm bath before bed and drop this aromatic bomb in. Inhale, exhale, and allow the herbal lavender fragrance to promote a sense of deep relaxation.

The One With Chamomile Bath Bomb, £6 / €7.50 $ USD 8.50 / $ CAD 9

Feeling over-caffeinated and overwhelmed? Switch to chamomile and relax in a warm bath with this comforting bath bomb. Each one is pressed by hand and made fresh with Roman chamomile oil, which is renowned for its calming effects on the mind and body and is one of the gentlest oils you can use, making it suitable for children and those with sensitive skin.

The One With Lemon Oil Bath Bomb, £6 / €7.50 $ USD 8.50 / $ CAD 9

Simple and fresh, this bath bomb makes a bright and cheerful impression with Sicilian lemon oil. It’s the perfect way to start the day with optimism—just run a warm bath, drop this zesty bath bomb in, and perk up in sunny citrus waters.

The One With The Orange Slices Bath Bomb, £6 / €7.50 $ USD 8.50 / $ CAD 9

Who doesn’t want to bathe in fruit? This citrusy-sweet bath bomb comes complete with a real dried orange slice and plenty of fizzy fun. Drop in the water for a Brazilian orange oil blast that will wake you up and give you a cheerful start to the day.

The benefits of bathing

Charlotte Nisbet, bathing category lead at Lush, said: “There’s so much research now about the therapeutic benefits to bathing: whether that’s regular bathing in your home, bathing in naturally hot springs, or even immersing in cold water. 

Studies have shown how regular bathing can positively impact your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) – the SNS is the part of you that controls flight or fight, so it’s great to have a highly sensitive SNS when on the lookout for lions or tigers, for example. However, in most of our everyday lives where there’s a distinct lack of wild animals, things like news alerts, social media and work pressure can trigger and overwhelm our SNS, causing us unnecessary anxiety and stress. 

Reducing that sympathetic nervous system activity can help us feel calmer, and in turn, be healthier. I guess our grandmas, friends, and random tweeters have been right all along!”

Best-selling scents

Best-selling Scents

Some of Lush’s most-loved fragrances are now available in bath bomb form! Lush sells one Dream Cream body lotion every 1.2 minutes globally, and Passion was a limited edition Valentine’s Day launch which customers couldn’t get enough of.

American Cream Bath Bomb, £6 / €7.50 $ USD 8.50 / $ CAD 9

Travel back in time with this nostalgic bathtime treat, with a fragrance reminiscent of strawberry-vanilla milkshakes in 1950s American diners. American Cream is a long-time bestselling scent made up of sweet, creamy vanilla absolute, calming clary sage and lavender oil. Plus, we’ve added real strawberry powder, which is rich in vitamin C to keep skin looking bright and healthy.

You’ll be left feeling hopelessly devoted to this bath bomb. It’s the one that you want!

Dream Cream Epsom Salt Bath Cube, £6 / €7.50 $ USD 7.50 / $ CAD 8

Dream Cream body lotion, a long-time Lush favourite known for its gentle nature and ability to soothe troubled skin, has transformed into a bath bomb to extend its legacy. Treat skin to a soft, soothing soak in fine ground oatmeal and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter waters, while lavender, rose and chamomile blue ease skin and mind. Plus, magnesium-rich Epsom salts dissolve into the bath for the ultimate relaxation.

Passion Bath Bomb, £5 / €6 $ USD 7.50 / $ CAD 8

Have a passion for baths with sweet, juicy, mouth-wateringly fresh fragrances? Then look no further, you’ve found your new infatuation. Zesty buchu and litsea cubeba oils work together to create a cheerful fruity fragrance, whilst also being thoroughly cleansing, thanks to their antiseptic nature. You’ll be sure to develop a crush on the bright and bold bath art created by this zesty bath bomb.

The Hexagon Bath Bomb, £5 / €6 $ USD 7.50 / $ CAD 8

Sharing a fragrance with Junk perfume, this intruiging and mysterious bath bomb marries mandarin, rosemary and sage, making something magical happen in the tub. Rosemary’s herbaceous scent is thought to increase focus when inhaled, while relaxing muscles, as Sicilian lemon and green mandarin oils refresh both your senses and your skin. The Hexagon’s sweet blackcurrant scent pierces through grounding herbals, evoking walks down damp country lanes, past sweet hedgerows.

Thermal Waves Bath Bomb, £6 / €7.50 $ USD 9 / $ CAD 9.50

Release a world of colour, creativity and a sweet, fruity scent. Watch the colours scatter across warm waters to create a mesmerising bath art spectacle. Organic sweet orange oil brings with it a sharp, acidulous fragrance, that pairs deliciously with the caramelised floral notes of champaca absolute, creating a burst of tropically fruity fun.

Around the World

Many of Lush’s bath bombs are designed by its teams around the world, incorporating folklore, stories and traditions from across the globe. Lush’s co-create programme has been making bath bombs for cultural holidays celebrated by staff and customers for years, designed and made by those who celebrate the holidays themselves.

Goldfish Bath Bomb, £5 / €6 $ USD 7.50 / $ CAD 8

Take to bathing like a fish to water and soak in soul-soothing lavender, uplifting bergamot and the crackling, festive firework sounds of popping candy. How fin-tastic! Let your worries swim away with a light, herbal fragrance, with sweet, peachy notes, leaving behind only sparkling gold glitter.

Invented by Aru from the Japan Manufacturing bath bomb team, inspired by the image of a “goldfish at a Summer festival”, a tradition long enjoyed in Japan, Aru shares how soothing it is to watch goldfish swim gracefully through the water.

Somewhere Bath Bomb, £4.50 / €5.50 $ USD 6.50 / $ CAD 7

Everyone has their own colours, watch them burst joyfully over clouds with this mood-boosting bath bomb. Coconut milk powder softens and soothes your skin, as bergamot, mandarin, and Sicilian lemon oils cascade around you, in turn creating a sweet, fruity, pineapple-fragranced pastel rainbow. Cheerful popping candy is sprinkled in, making for a merry time in the tub.

Inspired by the Wizard of Oz and created by Aoi from the Japanese manu bath bomb team. In Japan there is a 4 word idiom called ‘junin jushiki’. Each person is unique, and everyone has a different personality, way of thinking, and their own unique colours, the idea reflected in this design.

Notes to Editor

About World Bath Bomb Day

Lush was first awarded the trademark for bath bombs on 27th April 1990 after being invented by Lush Co-founder and Product Inventor, Mo Constantine in her shed in 1989. Although previously unknown, the term ‘bath bomb’ is now so widely adopted it has been added to the Oxford Dictionary and has become a global sensation. All hand pressed in Lush’s own manufacturing sites across the world, Lush sold over 40.5 million last year (that’s 48 sold every minute!). 

Businesses usually safeguard exclusive rights to their trademark, by preventing others from using that mark. However, Lush decided to grant worldwide permission for anyone to use its ‘Bath Bomb’ trademark, which means the joy of escaping into a vortex of steaming colour is more widespread than ever. Creativity and competition thrive in an environment where ideas can flow freely, unencumbered by the fear of legal reprisal. Whatever your cultural traditions, relaxing baths provide a moment for reflection and recovery. It could be the colour, fragrance, bath art or sheer relaxation, this iconic Lush invention has taken on an identity of its own: bath bombs have earnt a place in the cultural zeitgeist – the bath bomb is Lush’s gift to the bathing world!


Since establishing in 1995, Lush has been driven by innovation and its ethics. Creators of pioneering beauty products, one of Lush’s most well-known creations is the bath bomb. Invented in 1989 by Lush Co-Founder Mo Constantine in her garden shed, bath bombs have become a global sensation – all hand pressed in Lush’s own manufacturing sites across the world, Lush sold over 40.5 million last year.

A beauty company with a campaigning heart, Lush is on a mission to create a product for every need and a cosmetic revolution to save the planet. The ultimate goal is to leave the world Lusher than we found it.

Lush operates a strict policy against animal testing and leads the cosmetics industry in combating over-packaging by developing products that can be sold ‘naked’ to the consumer. Lush Digital champions ethical hardware, ethical data, ethical design and open-source technologies and we support and elevate communities who feel the same.

Today, Lush operates in 52 countries with over 850 shops, 38 websites shipping worldwide and a global network of native apps, broadcasting channels and digital communities in over 30 languages.

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