Lush Father’s Day 2023 Collection

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Blast off into outer space this Father’s Day with a fresh handmade collection that’s out of this world!

Lush’s 2023 Father’s Day range is bursting with magical creations, from astronauts, to shimmering constellations and golden stars.

Treat your special father-figure to Lush’s new citrus-scented Out Of This World bath bomb packed with popping candy, or add some fun to their shower routine with Blue Moon soap for a glow in the dark experience. 

With inspiration from sci-fi comics and the serene night sky, these gifts are perfect for everyone – not just dads! 

The Father’s Day 2023 collection is available from and in shops nationwide. View and download images here.

For further information, please email [email protected]

Bath, shower & soap

Rocket around the solar system while pink and blue shimmery swirls envelop you, leaving behind sparkly purple waters. This citrus scented, popping candy explosion is full of sweet wild orange  and lime oils to boost the mood. 

Fresh As Shower Gel
£8.00 £26.00/€9.00 €30.00

Fresh, herbal, cooling yet very relaxing; this is the jolt of the outdoors you need in your morning routine! With the scent of nature lingering cleanly on the skin, fresh cucumber infusion and orris oil will leave you feeling cool as a cucumber. 

Be sweet from your head to your feet with this candy scented body wash made with scrubby sugar and soothing calamine powder. You can enjoy all the fun of the fair as this delicious scrub is as light as candy floss and produces a creamy soft lather. 

Be the master of your own universe and get hands-on making shapes and models of your own, with this multi-purpose mouldable soap. With uplifting and stimulating grapefruit and peppermint, this colourful marvel will fuel your creativity, whether you use it as a soap, shampoo or bubble bar! Simply pinch off a piece and lather up to enjoy a jolly good cleanse or shampoo, or crumble a little under running water for mounds of bubble mountains!

Blue Moon Soap

Mystify your shower experience with this full moon soap, with illuminating bubbles and a citrus punch to uplift you into moonlit skies. This rich and creamy formula is packed with skin-softening extra virgin coconut oil, as well as bergamot oil and grapefruit oil for some zesty goodness.

When summer feels just out of reach, buff and polish the skin with this sea salt and sand scrubby delight. Leaving a beautifully soft and radiant glow, this deliciously sweet scrub is filled with vanilla, jasmine and tonka absolutes.

Gifts, Knot Wraps & Lokta Wraps 

Out Of This World Gift 

Blast off on a bathing adventure with these two bath treats, great for a morning bath or when you’re looking to take a break from the everyday. Feel rest assured you’re saving the planet as this out of this world gift is wrapped using 100% recycled packaging and ribbon made from recycled drinks bottles.

Contents: Intergalactic Bath Bomb, Out Of This World Bath Bomb

Bugs Knot Wrap

There is beauty in all nature, even ‘creepy crawlies’! Take yourself back to childhood, being out in the wild searching for bugs with this 70cm x 70cm knot wrap, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

Croc and Roll Lokta Wrap

This 35cm x 35cm design is intended to make you do a big crocodile smile; a crocodile rock band having a great time and causing some chaos! 

Into The Wild Gift

Freshen up and unwind with these four bath and body care products. Whether they’re into relaxing in the great outdoors or having a ramble in the wilderness, treat them to some top to toe care ready for the next voyage. 

Contents: Lakes Bath Bomb, Fresh As shower gel, Ocean Salt face and body scrub, Cosmetic Lad facial moisturiser sample

By The Campfire Knot Wrap

Enjoy the cosy feeling of being gathered around a campfire beneath the stars with this 70cm x 70cm knot wrap. This design is intended to invoke memories of campfire storytelling and singing. 

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