Lush turns the Outernet into Outer Space this festive season!


Attention all London shoppers!  Head to the Outernet – quickly becoming the UK’s No.1 tourist destination – from Friday 1st December to be transported into the Intergalactic!  

Visitors to Outernet London on the 1st December will be able to enjoy a special scented half an hour premiere of Lush’s newest animation ‘The Intergalactic Universe’, from 11:30am-12pm completely free!  

Especially created for the Outernet’s immense digital canvas: floor to ceiling, 360 degree, 26k screens – the most advanced of its kind in the world – the 2 minute animation will be playing on loop, enabling shoppers ample opportunity to adventure through a multisensory solar system of breath-taking, celestial wonder and fully immerse themselves in Lush’s Intergalactic universe. 

Lush has always been big on storytelling and bringing our products to life for customers in one way or another.  We’re an experiential brand, so for that to translate into this kind of worldbuilding feels very natural to us, especially for our digitally native audiences.”

-Jack Constantine, Lush CDO & Product Inventor. 

Lush has worked with London-based animation studio Feral Child on the concept art & worldbuilding; Poole entertainment studio Realm Runners on the immersive story, both of which were used by The Mayda Collective Co. as inspiration to design and animate an expanded multi-dimensional, mixed media, immersive experience.

“Transforming the Outernet ‘Now Building’ into an Intergalactic LUSH adventure was an adventurous project. The pay-off of the experience within a 25 metre cube is unlike any other project I’ve undertaken. The sheer scale of the space is its biggest appeal, its greatest challenge, and also its largest reward. With an amazing team of artists coming together we’ve been able to transmogrify the space into an alternate celestial realm.”

-Henry Foreman, Director The Mayda Creative Co.

“Our creative collaborations with Lush continue to be an incredible adventure as the Lush universe unfolds – this beautiful piece by The Mayda Creative Co for the Outernet screens provides the perfect environment where viewers are transported to another world, totally immersed in a Lush experience that we’ve all so enjoyed creating”

-Nella Addy, Feral Child Animation

Outernet London is an immersive entertainment district designed to provide experiences for the public and brands the likes of which have never been seen before.  

Commercial Partnerships Senior Director, Michelle Tighe comments:

We are excited to see the much-anticipated launch of Lush’s captivating branded content experience at Outernet this week. The innovative animation promises to transport the audience into an unparalleled experience that will undoubtedly be a thrilling feast for the senses, as it unfolds across the Now Buildings’ impressive 26k video canvas. Get ready to be ‘portalled’ away by Lush. This is more than just content; it’s an immersive journey into creativity and wonder.”

Lush’s Holiday campaign this year has been focused on entering the Intergalactic and offering out-of-this-world gifts and experiences for the festive season.  The campaign has brought to life fan favourites Lord of Misrule, Snow Fairy, Intergalactic and new for this year Bath Bot, coming soon!
Customers in the capital can enjoy activations like the ‘Black Hole’ photo booth in Lush Oxford Street; a glow in the dark scented mural in Whitechapel of the Lush Intergalactic universe, featuring Bath Bot, by artists Feral Child; the winter edition Lush Times catalogue is themed around the Intergalactic, including a comic strip and a fun AR experiences, plus access bonus content about the story; and fans will even be able to see Lush on Fortnite over the coming weeks.

“We see Fortnite as a huge global platform and a way to connect with new audiences, and since Fortnite opened up the platform for anyone to create experiences we’re excited to see what we can do.” 

-Adam Goswell, Lush Tech R&D

Explore the Best Christmas in the Universe at Lush: 175-179 Oxford Street & 12-14 Long Acre, Covent Garden, featuring Bath Bot, Intergalactic, Snow Fairy, Lord of Misrule & Christmas Collections.

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notes to editors

About Lush

Lush invents, manufactures and retails fresh handmade cosmetics, such as the fizzing bath bomb; solid Toothy Tabs and solid shampoo bars. Lush operates a strict policy against animal testing and leads the cosmetics industry in combating over-packaging by developing products that can be sold ‘naked’ to the consumer.

Lush currently has over 850 shops worldwide and are present in 52 countries, with manufacturing sites across the world.

About ‘The Lush Intergalactic Universe’ 

Produced by Lush Cosmetics 

Director: Henry Foreman, Mayda

Executive Creative Director: Carl Addy, Mayda

Executive Producer: Ian Walker, Mayda

Original Concept Art & Character Design: Feral Child

World building & story by Rachel Constantine, Realm Runner Studios

Design & Animation: Gabriel Thomas, Ambrogio Bergamaschi & Wil Colquhoun, CLAN

Music & sound design – Echoic Audio

“Wings At Their Feet” soundtrack written & produced by Simon ‘Palmskin’ Richmond. Created for The Experimenter by the late, much loved, Simon Emmerson 

About FeralChild

Feral Child is the wild and wonderful creative studio of London-based Animation Direction duo, Nella Addy and Rogan van den Berg. With experience in multidisciplinary character-lead animation, they consistently deliver passionately crafted work, while placing special emphasis on imaginative storytelling.

Specialising in 2D, 3D and cel animation, they have a varied selection of work and experience in directing and crafting world-class animated content, including digital campaigns, short form animation, music videos and title sequences.

About The Mayda Creative Co.
The Mayda Creative Co. partner with visionary brands and agencies to devise, develop and deliver breakthrough creative content, products, and experiences.
Founded in 2021 by a leadership team from industry leading production companies, global advertising agencies and game development studios, they are a multi-disciplinary team of award-winning technologists, designers, filmmakers, creative directors, strategists, writers, and producers.

About Realm Runner Studios

Established in 2021 and headquartered in Poole, UK, Realm Runner Studios is an independent games developer and publisher and also specialises in immersive storytelling through entertainment offering creative world-building, scriptwriting and fictional narratives.

For further information please email [email protected]. To view all Lush press releases, please click here.  

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