Lush Summer Essentials!

Whether you’re packing for a family holiday, a weekend trip with friends or simply looking for the perfect product to help you switch off, take a deep breath and transport you to another place – here are Lush’s top products to see you through the Summer months.

Featuring a selection of naked, plastic packaging free and packaged products that can be brought back as part of Lush’s Bring it Back scheme – to support a circular economy and help leave the world lusher than we found it. In 2022, Lush customers and staff returned an estimated 720,000 items of Lush packaging to be processed at the Green Hub, Lush’s UK recycling hub.

Shower on your sun protection! Designed to be used all over the body, simply break off one third of the bar and glide over wet skin in the bath or shower, then lightly pat yourself dry with a towel. Pair with shade, shades and a hat and remember to top up your sunscreen after two hours. 

A loose, light powder that is non-greasy and excellent for topping up throughout the day. With mattifying calamine powder to soothe, and sesame oil to nourish, this unique sun care product will leave your skin feeling hydrated and silky soft.

For glowing, sun-kissed skin, this luxurious sun cream has a subtle shimmer and moisturising honey for a comforting fragrance. With softening shea butter and nourishing sesame oil, feel rest assured your skin is protected all day long with this rich, hydrating cream.

Sesame aftersun lotion
in-store exclusive

This aftersun lotion is formulated to replenish skin after time in the sunshine, with ultra hydrating sesame oil and cocoa butter, and a soothing combination of walnut leaf infusion and aloe vera to cool and calm. 

For beautifully buoyant hair, lather up with softening Irish moss and volumizing fine sea salt. Did you know switching to a solid shampoo saves you purchasing three 200ml liquid bottles of shampoo? Lush’s Naked shampoo bars have now saved the use of 170 million plastic bottles.

Step into summer with flawless feet as you massage this cooling and soothing lotion into the skin to give you a spring in your step. Packed with refreshing spearmint oil and moisturising cocoa butter, this luxurious product will get you back on your feet. 

Looking for the perfect pre-holiday pamper for your feet? Treat yourself to The Spell Lush Spa Treatment (£90), a grounding 60 minute reflexology-inspired foot and scalp massage.

After bathing or showering, shake a little of this moisturising, dusting powder all over your body for velvety soft skin with Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter and kaolin.

Whoosh shower jelly
(£6.50 for 100g)

With protective honey water to gently cleanse the skin, while perky, energising grapefruit and lemon oils, tone your skin and blast away sleepiness. Serve up this citrus jelly baby fresh from the freezer for spine-tinglingly good cleanses.

Shade solid perfume (£10.00)

Be reminded of your sunny holiday with a new fragrance to bring back your favourite vacation memories. Shade solid perfume is compact and travel-friendly, with a warm and woody fragrance. Using sandalwood extracted from protected and sustainable trees in West Timor, and olibanum sourced from the Dayaxa region in Somaliland, Shade is a perfume with a conscience.

Ippuku Ryo cooling mini bath bombs set

A trio of refreshing bath bombs featuring carefully chosen essential oils to leave you feeling cool and calm. Originally invented by Lush Co-founder and Product Inventor, Mo Constantine in her garden shed in 1989, there are now 48 Lush bath bombs sold globally every minute!

notes to editors

About Lush

Since establishing over 27 years ago, Lush has been driven by innovation and ethics. Creators of pioneering beauty products, one of Lush’s most well known creations is the bath bomb. Invented in 1989 by Lush co-founder Mo Constantine in her garden shed, bath bombs have become a global sensation – all hand pressed in Lush’s own manufacturing sites across the world, Lush sold over 40.5 million last year.

A beauty company with a campaigning heart, Lush is on a mission to create a product for every need and a cosmetic revolution to save the planet, with the ultimate goal to leave the world Lusher than they found it. Lush operates a strict policy against animal testing and leads the cosmetics industry in combating over-packaging by developing products that can be sold ‘naked’ to the consumer. Today, Lush operates in 49 countries with over 900 shops, 38 websites shipping worldwide and a global network of native apps, broadcasting channels and digital communities in over 30 languages.

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