Lush Oxford Street has launched Self Care Sessions

An immersive Lush Spa experience from your own home


Lush Oxford Street has launched three Self Care Sessions, a virtual offering enabling you to enjoy the expertise of the Lush Spa from the comfort of your own home. 


Whether you’re looking to come together virtually with a group of friends or colleagues, buy for someone as a gift or have as a treat for yourself, Lush @ Home Self Care Sessions are a range of personalised experiences developed by the Lush Oxford Street spa team to promote wellbeing and self-care.


The sessions are suitable for all and can be adapted to individual needs by Lush’s highly skilled and professional therapists. Each session has a list of recommended products that can be sent prior to the session depending on the package clients decide to book. 

Self Care Session: Body Work

(£32.00 for a one-to-one session and from £7.00 per person for a public session)

Body Work is a 45 minute group or individual session to assess, recognise and relieve regular aches and pains. During the session clients will gain the skills required to improve their working from home lifestyle, assess and address their own tension whilst benefiting from a relaxed mind and body. 

Clients will then be able to take away these learnings to continue to create their own Body Work experience at home, even after the session is over.

Self Care Session: Step Down

(£38.00 for a one-to-one session and from £7.00 per person for a public session)

A 45 minute guided experience that helps you to step your mind down, re-tune the body and relax. During this session you will go on an introspective journey to find deep peace and calm and put yourself back into the present.

A trained Lush Spa Therapist will talk you through a guided relaxation process including breathing techniques, the power of aromatherapy, guided awareness practise and pressure point therapy inspired by acupressure. Step Down is an inclusive session for all and the perfect way to connect with yourself.

Self Care Session: Skincare Expert

(£45.00 for a one-to-one session and from £40.00 per person for a private group session)

With more people staying home and reaching out for advice and tips on how to look after their skin, Lush Spa have developed a three stage expert skin care session that offers clients the skills they need to perform a luxury facial at home as well as an aftercare session that assesses the customers realistic needs for the future.

This session includes a 15 minute consultation, 35 minute coaching session and follow up session. Each Skincare Expert session is informative, skill building and adaptable to the individuals needs.


Self Care Sessions are available to be booked online here and are available to Lush customers nationwide.

It’s now more important than ever to be looking after our minds and bodies. We have created an accessible session, giving you the information and skills we use in our Spa’s to benefit you from the comfort of your own home. We will guide you through some mindful practices and physical activities that will assist best working practises but also allow you to recognise and ease aches and pains.

Helen Clark – Spa Trainer and Session Developer

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