a free and immersive space for self care and kindness

Lush to open Lush Lounge

For days when “the world is too much with us”, Lush will have an immersive space, featuring mood-based galleries, massage, plus complimentary gifting (while stocks last) and services all designed for wellness.

The space will be open from 9th – 20th December in Westfield London, White City. The antithesis of a commercial pop-up, the Lush Lounge will offer an inviting space removed from the Christmas chaos where busy shoppers can sit down, press pause and reset.

Those unable to visit the Lush Lounge can still experience elements of the space by downloading Bathe, the free Lush app designed to maximise the ultimate self care moments.

Bathe App

Visitors in need of a moment of self care can expect Lush to surprise and delight with unexpected acts of kindness and care including…

The Bathe Booth  – a bath bomb inspired projection experience 

‘You don’t have to go far to be somewhere else’ Let Lush transport you to where you want to be. A unique experience based on how you want to feel using elements of Lush’s Bathe app and audio. Watch as bath art envelops you; a short bathing burst without having to take your clothes off!

Poetry Lottery

Following the launch of Lush’s poetry bath bomb collection, Lush has once again collaborated with The Poetry Pharmacy to pair visitors with antidotal poems. Simply pick your desired mood from the scented cards to reveal the poem within. 

Messages of Self Care 

Thought-provoking journals will be scattered throughout the space to encourage visitors to think, reflect and share ideas with other contributors to help build a feeling of connectivity.

Keep It Real Gallery  

A physical gallery that shows real, honest, unedited representations of people’s ‘me time’ moments. A source of inspiration, the Keep It Real Gallery will showcase how people encompass self-care into their everyday routines. 

Refresh Station 

Need a minute to refresh after a hectic day shopping? Lush’s dedicated Refresh Station, complete with sink and mirrors, will provide pick-me-up products including Lush body sprays, toner waters and hand creams. Providing benefits for the body and mind, the products are themed by mood to help visitors connect with how they want to feel.

Colour-In Gift Wrap

Lush’s design team have picked out four inspiring designs from their portfolio of gift wrap so that visitors can engage in the mindful activity of colouring in. Great for kids and adults alike, choose your mood, choose your colours and get lost in the moment. You could turn your work of art into a card or wrap a small present with it.

Hand and Arm massages 

Featuring massage bars used in Lush’s spellbinding and sensory spa treatments. Following the massage, visitors will also be offered massage bar samples with information on how to practice self massage.

Scent Shower

Wash your worries away! A shower without having to shower; this transportive booth is a truly sensory experience featuring fragrances from Lush’s customer favourite shower gels and soundscapes including bird song recordings by the Sound Approach. Offering a moment of relaxation, energy, uplift or groundedness, depending on how you would like to feel! 

Known for their art of welcoming, the space will be hosted by Lush staff who will also provide a bespoke concierge service to navigate visitors’ needs. On certain days the Lush Spa therapists will also be in the space, offering customers the chance to take a moment to unwind with relaxing massage techniques .

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