Lush Launches Father’s Day 2022 Collection

For super dads and fatherly figures

Launching on Wednesday 11th May, Lush’s 2022 Father’s Day collection includes bright colours, uplifting scents, and a variety of celebratory products.

Customers can bring back any full-sized Lush plastic packaging to their local Lush shop to be recycled with Lush’s Bring it Back packaging returns scheme. For each plastic Lush item returned, customers will receive a 50p deposit to spend on their basket that day.

Lush’s Knot Wrap Swap programme allows customers to refresh and revitalise their stash. Customers can come in and swap their pre-loved wrap with us to get 50% off a Lush design of the same size!

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Lush Father’s Day Collection

Dirty bath bomb
Price £5.00 / €6.50

Bath art of blue, green and yellow returns this year for another Father’s Day. The clue is in the name, its scented with Lush’s famous Dirty fragrance made with spearmint, tarragon, sandalwood and lavender.

No. 1 Dad bubble bar
Price £6.00 / €7.95
Scented with the bestselling Dirty fragrance, this trophy of a bubble bar was inspired by Dads on sports day. More specifically, the ever competitive Dads race as they thunder down the track, making the ground shake. Treat your No.1 Dad to a bubbly bath of blue water with a touch of gold. Absolute winner! 

Glitch shower gel
Price £7.00/€8.00 – 120g
£14.00/€16.00 – 290g
£23.00/€27.00 – 560g

A skin cleansing, refreshing shower gel, with lemon balm infusion and fresh lime and lemon juice, plus sea salt. Its fragrance is Avobath, with the main component being antibacterial lemongrass oil.

Big Moustache soap
Price £6.00 / €7.00

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s famous moustache – this is a charcoal soap for your face and body that smells fresh, floral and woody with notes that are reminiscent of aftershave. Full of charcoal and made with Lush’s own universal soap base. It contains old men’s beard infusion (usnea) which is a lichen used in traditional medicine for inflammations and treatment of wounds.

Superdad eye pad
Price £6.00 / €7.00

Because not all superheros wear capes (but they would quite like to use some eye pads). Made with yerbe mate, carrot juice, saffron and aloe vera to pamper Dads and father figures. The perfect add on to a face mask for the ultimate Father’s Day pamper.

Deep Blue Sea gift

● Dirty bath bomb
● Big Blue bath bomb

Price £12.00 / €15.00

Take a deep dive into cool, refreshing, softening and mineral rich waters with these two bath bombs. Wrapped in a hand tie dyed nepalese lokta paper for chilled summer beach vibes. 

Get (Sur)real! gift

● Big Moustache soap
● Glitch shower gel
● New shampoo bar

Price £25.00 / €32.00

A combination of products for the body and hair, for stimulating and refreshing washes. This surreal face design is inspired by Dali’s melting clock painting. 

Gone Fishing Knot Wrap
70cm x 70cm
Price £6.00 / €7.00

Take a fishing trip to a bath bomb universe in a galaxy far, far away. Designed by freelance designer Serge Seidlitz.

Paint Box Knot Wrap
50cm x 50cm
£5.00 / €6.00

Get creative with your gift wrapping with this bright painterly design. Designed by Joshua Davies.

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