Lush launch super powered facial moisturiser for all ages…

Featuring ingredients found in best selling Dream Cream

  • Featuring many ingredients found in Dream Cream 
  • Self-preserving to support and protect your microbiome
  • Vegan and created for all ages
  • Protective and softening 
  • Great for sensitive complexions

Featuring many of the ingredients found in their iconic Dream Cream, the new Peace self-preserving facial moisturiser (£24.00 / €30.00) has been created for all ages and is supremely softening. Expertly formulated to stay fresh without synthetic preservatives (as defined under Annex 5 of the E.U Cosmetic Regulations) and protect your microbiome, Peace is super powered with skincare ingredients which do as much good in the world as they do on your skin.

With over 20% antioxidant-rich almond oil to soothe and moisturise, illipe, cupuacu and Fair Trade organic cocoa butters to soften the skin barrier, and fresh aloe gel for its calming and antibacterial benefits. Humectant hero glycerine is also in this formula at more than 9%, to effectively draw in the hydrating benefits of fellow ingredients and keep moisture in the skin. 

Self-preserving products like Peace are super-concentrated formulas with a lower water content than preserved moisturisers.  For a lighter feel, you can apply with clean hands to damp skin and let those beautiful ingredients sink in. 

“The inspiration came from the cocoa butter made in the Peace Community in Columbia. We were not using this in our facial skincare and I felt we needed to. It is not always available but by creating a constant and steady demand with this moisturiser and having a backup cocoa butter – the Sierra Leone type –  we could steadily buy and use it to support the community. 

This cocoa butter also creates a beautiful effect on the skin. You can see the face is softer and more hydrated when using it. It made a great difference to Mark’s skin and it is his favourite. It is a ‘super moisturiser’ full of our favourite skin care ingredients and essential oils.”

– Helen Ambrosen, Lush Co-founder and Product Inventor

Ingredients doing good in the world…

Fair Trade organic cocoa butter 

The cocoa butter found in Peace comes from the The Peace Community of San José de Apartadó – a community of farmers committed to non-violence in a region ravaged by armed conflicts. They have incorporated permaculture techniques in their growing practices, so they don’t need to buy pesticides and fertilisers.

Fresh Aloe Gel 

Lush sources fresh aloe gel regeneratively from Maasai women’s groups in Kenya.  With support from the Laikipia Permaculture Centre, the women’s groups are putting environmental regeneration into action, whilst making a living from selling aloe.

Organic Illipe Butter 

Sourced from Indonesia’s Borneo rainforest by local families who practise wild harvesting without the use of pesticides.

Ylang Ylang 

Ylan ylang from the Comoros islands off the coast of east Africa in the Indian Ocean is renowned for its quality, thanks to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Lush’s purchases support reforestation along river banks to reduce the impact of flooding and landslides during periods of heavy rainfall and discourages the cutting down of ancient tree species.

What is self-preserving?

Lush wants to make products that care for your skin barrier with minimal interference to your microbiome: the community of resident microorganisms that protect your skin against pathogens. The effects of preservatives on our microbiome and the environment are not yet fully clear. But, because preservatives are biocidal, Lush prefers to use them in minimal amounts below legal maximums, or not at all. Lush achieve this with clever product formulation, fast despatch from their

factories and short shelf lives. Where a product is formulated to stay fresh without synthetic preservatives (as defined under Annex 5 of the E.U Cosmetic Regulations) Lush calls it ‘self-preserving’.

Lush Skincare:

Harnessing the powerful properties of nature to deliver highly effective, innovative cosmetics. Lush skincare products are formulated to amplify the super powered abilities of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, butters and essential oils. The ingredients are expertly combined to create self-preserving formulas to give you great effects with minimal interference to your microbiome which has an important immunological role. 

Why Self-Preserving Skincare Matters

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