Chag Sameach!

Lush launch dedicated Hanukkah range

An inspired range for the Festival of Lights:

18th-26th December 2022

From Wednesday, 16th November 2022, Lush will launch their 2022 Hanukkah range on and in shops globally. The collection is inspired by the celebration of oil, light and warmth using some of the symbols found during this occasion such as dreidels, menorahs, and or​sufganiyot.

Through an internal focus group, Lush looked to the talent of its staff in North America who celebrate Hanukkah to curate this collection. The range includes gifting ideas for loved ones and celebrates artists from the Jewish community.

Having a simple, yet powerful collection that makes us feel seen as part of a beautiful tradition that can be shared with everyone so colourfully, is more important than ever!

This range is another step in our journey to celebrate diversity and inclusion at Lush. I’m so excited that the collection will lift up Jewish traditions and reach a broad customer base for Hanukkah celebrations this year.

Roxy White and Stephanie Connors, Hanukkah Focus Group, Lush NA
Celebrate Light gift set (£13 / €16)

Contains: The Olive Branch shower gel (100g) and Avobath bath bomb.

Celebrate the Jewish festival of Hanukkah with a pair of uplifting treats for the bath and shower, with citrus brightening your mood and olive oil bringing radiance to your skin.

This gift set is designed by Cheryl Epstein. Born and educated in the north of England, Cheryl is a self-taught illustrator and pattern designer who has lived in many places in the UK and North America.

What’s inside counts

Lush sources our Fair Trade olive oil from Sindyanna of Galilee, a women-led cooperative in the Northern region of Israel, where Jewish and Palestinian women work together in peace. It was founded by Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel to provide access to markets for Palestinian farmers as a demonstration of peaceful cooperation and to empower Arab women through economic opportunities. To find out more about our ethical buying, click here

What’s this ethical gift made of?

– Cord: 100% recycled polyester made from recycled drinks bottles. The bottles are collected, then prepared and melted through what looks like a showerhead to make yarn. This is spooled onto a cone and sent to the UK to be made into cord.

– Paper: Made from 100% recycled paper. No primary fibres are used for our paper production and for every tonne of 100% recycled paper produced, 70% less water is used compared to virgin fibre paper. Eco Pops: Your gift will be packed with these expanded starch biodegradable product protectors.  

– Inner Box: Made from 100% recycled board.

– Eco Pops: Your gift will be packed with these expanded starch biodegradable product protectors.

Candlelight  Knot Wrap (£6 / €7)

70cm x 70cm

“My inspiration for this design comes from fond memories celebrating Hanukkah when my daughters were little. They loved to help light the candles and open their gifts each evening. The light serves as a signal of hope that can guide us through darkness.

I wanted to symbolize the light in our home and the warm feeling I experienced watching them open their gifts. I feel that the colors and illustrations represent that warm feeling and that all the elements of this design combine to depict a truly festive and heartwarming time.”

-Cheryl Epstein, Designer at Cherbear Creative

Featuring the design inspired by the light and warmth brought from traditional symbols of Hanukkah, this reusable Knot Wrap is made from 100% organic cotton. Grown and ginned in Madhya Pradesh, India, the cotton is then sent further south to Tamil Nadu where it is spun and woven. The fabric is then screen printed by artisans at a traditional Sari printer, where colours are matched by eye by an ink mixing master. The Knot Wraps are then finally sewn by a proprietorship with a social cause, supporting the artisan community and empowering women.


For anyone looking to follow the tradition of giving the gift of charity, the suggestion of our NA Hanukkah focus group is the Lush Charity Pot

Packed full of nourishing ingredients, including from regenerative farmers and permaculture practitioners, this silky lotion is sparking a skincare revolution. 100% of the sales price of the product, minus government taxes, goes into the Charity Pot fund which supports small scale organisations and campaigners in the areas of animal protection, human rights, and the environment.

Lush’s Secret Master Plan – A product for every need…

At Lush, it is part of our secret master plan to make products for every need. As a diverse global business, we recognise that it’s important to ensure that customers and staff across our worldwide community are able to find products for every occasion including celebrations that involve gift-giving. Working with staff across cultures globally, we aim to make everyone in the Lush community feel included and welcome, as always.

Notes to editors

About Lush 

Lush invent, manufacture and retail fresh handmade cosmetics, such as the fizzing Bath Bomb and solid Shampoo Bars. A beauty company with a campaigning heart, Lush is on a mission to create a product for every need and a cosmetic revolution to save the planet. The ultimate goal is to leave the

world Lusher than we found it. Lush operates a strict policy against animal testing and lead the cosmetics industry in combating over-packaging by developing products that can be sold ‘naked’ to the consumer.

Today Lush operates in 49 countries with over 900 shops, 38 websites shipping worldwide and a global network of native apps and digital communities in over 30


For more information on Lush’s Hanukkah range, please contact [email protected]

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