Lush introduces two new charitable giving products to support grassroot organisations


On 22nd October 2020 Lush will introduce the Charity Pot Coin £1.00 / €1.50, to the Lush Giving family. All proceeds go towards helping small grassroots organisations continue their work on the ground creating real lasting change. 

Charitable Giving has always been a cornerstone of Lush and today it’s more important than ever to continue to fund the small grassroots activists who are driving change in animal protection, human rights and environmental protection.  Lush’s Charity Pot was first launched in 2007 and has since given over £53 million in small grants to grassroots charities and campaigns around the world.  Recent grant recipients include Labour Behind The Label, Street Paws and Ecohustler.

From farm to your skin, a new source of Organic Cocoa Butter

A gloriously hydrating, skin softening bar, made up of gorgeous butters that not only treat your skin, but also has positive benefits right across the value chain. While it may look small, Charity Pot Coin is packed full of nourishing ingredients sourced from farming communities across the world who work with design systems such as Agroecology and Permaculture to produce quality ingredients while also replenishing soils, forests and human livelihoods. 

Charity Pot prioritises its funding for campaigns (including lobbying groups, peaceful protests, and non-violent activism), especially for those groups who find it hard to source funding from elsewhere. You can read more about the funding guidelines and the application process here.

From farm to your skin, a new source of Organic Cocoa Butter

Charity Pot Coin contains a new source of skin-softening Organic Cocoa Butter, sourced from a network of regenerative agriculturalists in Sierra Leone, who are helping to reforest an endangered biodiversity hotspot. 

In 2017 one of Lush’s long standing Cocoa suppliers, Tradin Organic, established a local subsidiary in Sierra Leone with the aim of helping to improve the livelihoods of smallholder cocoa farmers while protecting and enhancing rainforest biodiversity. 

With their support, 36,000 Cocoa Farmers in Sierra Leone have obtained Organic certification, and over 11,000 farmers obtained Fair Trade certification, meaning they are able to sell their cocoa for a better price. They have also established 66 Farmer Field Schools, where they teach and promote agroecological methods, while distributing native seedlings to help reforest the Gola Rainforest

Activist Perfume … A floral fragrance that does a whole lot of good.

Grassroots perfume (£50 for 100ml) is a fragrance with a conscience and holds regeneration at its heart.  Lush’s first charitable giving fragrance, it’s being launched on 22nd October in the UK Lush Perfume Libraries and online, and online in Italy and Germany (to follow in the Perfume Libraries in Italy and Germany, along with Perfume Libraries and online in Japan, Korea and Russia), with all proceeds going towards helping small grassroots organisations to continue their work on the ground creating real lasting change in animal welfare, human rights and environmental protection.  The perfume bottle is topped with a carbon neutral cork lid, that’s not only 100% natural and biodegradable but also a regenerative material.

Grassroots has the same scent as Charity Pot hand & body lotion and supports organisations aligned with Lush’s ethics in the supply chain, as well as through proceeds donations.  

At first spritz soft floral notes reveal themselves, before warm undertones unfurl. Four essential oils work in accord, each with their own unique story.  Regeneratively grown with local communities, this sensitive balance of rose-like Kenyan geranium, uplifting Ghanaian ylang ylang, Madagascan vanilla and fragrant rosewood is held in organic ethanol, so that you can smell good while doing more.

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