Lush has launched a fresh new digital look…

Welcoming customers to shop online with ease

Following a year of online shopping and rising e-commerce, Lush has relaunched their website and app to welcome customers to shop with ease.

With digital ethics at the core of the relaunch, customers will now be able to browse product ranges with improved search optimisation, a new checkout process and new ways to pay. 

In collaboration with Saleor, utilising open source solutions and in line with Lush’s Digital Ethics Mission Statement, the new Lush digital commerce now includes a 24 hour live chat function, improved search optimisation and exclusive information on new products.

Everyone knows that at Lush we make products by hand, with fresh and ethically sourced ingredients, and this informs our digital products too. I’m so proud of the new platform the teams have created which showcases the best of what we can do – ethical treatment of customers’ data, created using open source technologies and providing a five star customer experience, with a few Lush surprises along the way.

Jack Constantine, Chief Digital Officer at Lush

Lush Lens: Reducing the need for packaging waste

The Lush App has had a makeover and is now available in the UK on iOS and Android. For the first time the Lush app will contain the most successful #LushLabs feature to date, Lush Lens, designed by Lush’s in-house tech R&D team to offer customers a packaging-free and contact-free shopping experience.

The Lush app 24 hour chat, improved search and new ways to pay

Customers can now quickly browse, explore and buy fresh handmade cosmetics by accessing the unique Lush Lens feature and discovering Lush’s packaging free products easily. 

Customers can keep track of favourites and be notified about new and exclusive products.

Lush Lens had 2.6 million scans since its launch on iOS in November 2018, and by replacing physical product demonstrations using water, the use of Lush Lens in the Lush Harajuku shop, means that their water consumption halved.

I strongly believe Lush Lens has the potential to revolutionise the packaging industry, even eliminate it

Mark Constantine OBE, Lush Co-founder & Managing Director

What Lush are doing to revolutionise the technology industry

Lush Digital believes technology should give more than it takes from society and the environment. Tech doesn’t have to be unethical; it can be built for the greater good and impact positive social change. Lush champions ethical hardware, ethical data, ethical design and open source technologies and we support and elevate communities who feel the same.

Just as Lush ethically sourced ingredients and treats employees right, Lush Digital believes in ethical tech that gives back to the community. Lush Digital aims to provide open source solutions where before only monopolies existed; it fights for supply chain transparency, digital innovation and telling the Tech For Good stories that are as yet untold.

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