Lush gets teeth into oral care market with launch of new toothpaste in recycled packaging

  • Lush’s Cool with Fluoride toothpaste (£6.50 / €9.50 for 60g) will be launching in UK stores and online on Friday 21 April
  • The new toothpaste is housed in one of Lush’s recycled and recyclable pots, providing an alternative to traditional toothpaste tubes that can be brought back to store to be recycled for a 50p discount on purchases

Fresh handmade cosmetics company, Lush, has created an innovative new fluoride toothpaste – the first product of its kind for the brand.

In true Lush style, the toothpaste has been tested by an independent laboratory to assess its whitening ability using in-vitro tests with absolutely no animal involvement – instead, using specimens of human dentine and enamel. All of Lush’s toothpastes, toothpaste tabs and toothpaste jellies were found to produce whitening results of at least 0.8 shades higher after the equivalent of one week’s brushing.

Lush toothpastes use ingredients that help to mechanically remove stains when brushed onto the teeth with a toothbrush, as well as mild surfactants to aid the toothbrush in removing built up plaque and stained pellicle (protein build-up on the teeth).

Fluoride is a natural mineral which is either found naturally in water, is added to local drinking water or is used to fortify dental products in support the health of the teeth. It is thought to fight tooth decay by helping to remineralise the enamel on our teeth, repairing any holes and limiting the ability of bacteria to cause damage.

Not a fluoride fan? Lush also has a number of fluoride-free oral care products, including Plaque Sabbath Toothpaste Jelly for a gentle wash with a great whitening effect, and Refresher Toothpaste Tabs full of stain-removing baking soda and a refreshing citrus taste.

Lush’s new Cool with Fluoride toothpaste is housed in Lush’s classic recycled plastic pots, which customers can bring back to store to be recycled again in Lush’s Bring It Back circular recycling scheme for a 50p discount on purchases. There is no limit to how many pots you can bring back in one go, so there is money to be saved in recycling – one Lush shopper recently saved £22.50!

“We want to leave the world ‘lusher’ than we found it, and to provide a product for every need – Cool with Fluoride was developed to further these aims.

“The results from in-vitro testing give the customer the information they need to make an informed choice when thinking about the needs for their teeth – we consider this every day for our skin and our hair, so why don’t we for our teeth? With some thought and careful management, it should be possible to keep your teeth for your whole life!”

-Helen Ambrosen, Lush co-founder and toothpaste inventor

Lush’s new Cool with Fluoride toothpaste (£6.50 / €9.50 for 60g) will be launching in UK stores and online on Friday 21 April.

notes to editor

About Lush

Since establishing over 27 years ago, Lush has been driven by innovation and its ethics. Creators of pioneering beauty products, one of Lush’s most well known creations is the bath bomb. Invented in 1989 by Lush Co-Founder Mo Constantine in her garden shed, bath bombs have become a global sensation – all hand pressed in Lush’s own manufacturing sites across the world, Lush sold over 40.5 million last year.

A beauty company with a campaigning heart, Lush is on a mission to create a product for every need and a cosmetic revolution to save the planet. The ultimate goal is to leave the world Lusher than we found it. Lush operates a strict policy against animal testing and leads the cosmetics industry in combating over-packaging by developing products that can be sold ‘naked’ to the consumer. Lush Digital champions ethical hardware, ethical data, ethical design and open source technologies and we support and elevate communities who feel the same.

Today, Lush operates in 49 countries with over 900 shops, 38 websites shipping worldwide and a global network of native apps, broadcasting channels and digital communities in over 30 languages. 
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