Celebrate the Festival of Lights

Lush Diwali Range 2022

On Wednesday, 14th September Lush will launch the Diwali range 2022 online and in shops nationwide. Inspired by the bright colours and traditions of Diwali, we’re excited to announce this limited-time range to Celebrate the Festival of Lights. 

Lush looked to the talent of its staff who celebrate Diwali forming a focus group to curate a range of products. The range includes gift ideas for loved ones and warmly-scented and colourful delights to enjoy Diwali celebrations.

Working on the Diwali range has been such a fun experience! Our focus group got together to discuss how we each celebrate Diwali, and what it means to us and based our products on that. We wanted the range to be bright, colourful and fun – all words synonymous with Diwali! We had multiple sessions where we merged our ideas together and our wonderful product inventors brought our ideas to life! Each product tells a tale about how families of all faiths across the world come together to celebrate this festival. Whether you celebrate Diwali or not, this range is inclusive to everyone!

Janvi Parekh, Diwali Focus Group Member

A new limited edition shower gel joins Lush for Diwali a juicy, syrupy body cleanser delivering uplifting showers. Full of fresh mango juice this shower gel is full of naturally exfoliating enzymes, leaving skin suitably prepared for party time. Cardamom infusion provides warmth to this shower gel’s scent and coconut milk works to soothe the skin, locking in moisture to keep skin soft and supple.


Inspired by the bright colours associated with Diwali celebrations, this bath bomb is complete with popping candy reminiscent of fireworks and celebrations with family and friends.

Rangoli Dreams create kit £20.00 / €24.00

For those who want to get crafty, why not upgrade to a Rangoli Dreams create kit? This year in brand new packaging, this kit is the perfect take-home gift or experience for those who want to make their own bath bomb – each kit makes three Rangoli Dreams!

LIGHT UP THE WORLD GIFT  £15.00 / €18.05

Celebrate the season of Diwali with this duo of shower and body care products to soothe and uplift, in packaging designed by London-based artist Sneha Shanker.


Designed by Sneha Shanker. Sneha is an independent illustrator & brand designer currently based in London. Her colourful style is inspired by the richness of her own South Asian culture.

Diwali/Deepavali has been celebrated for millennia and a half within various religions and cultures. Families & friends come together, adorn themselves with new clothes, and share sweets & other homemade delicacies while lighting diyas. I thought it was important to bring our attention back to the central idea that this light of goodness and abundance exists within every being. Let’s recognise & celebrate it.

Sneha Shanker, Artist

Notes to Editors

Lush’s Secret Master Plan – A product for every need… At Lush, it is part of our secret master plan to make products for every need. As a diverse global business, we recognise that it’s important to ensure that customers and staff across our worldwide community are able to find products for every occasion including celebrations that involve gift-giving. Working with staff across cultures globally, we aim to make everyone in the Lush community feel included and welcome, as always.

For more information on Lush’s Diwali range please contact [email protected]

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