Lush Celebrations For World Bath Bomb Day 2023

  • Bringing the essence of the Lush factory to Lush shops nationwide, offering free Intergalactic bath bombs (while stocks lasts)
  • New bath bombs featuring Japanese wellness ingredients

On Thursday 27th April, Lush will be celebrating World Bath Bomb Day 2023 with a range of activations and product launches to promote the importance of switching off, taking a deep breath, and letting your bathroom transport you to another place. 

Invented by Lush Co-founder and Product Inventor, Mo Constantine in her garden shed in 1989, there are now 48 Lush bath bombs sold globally every minute!

Discover the ways in which you can get involved and celebrate the power of bathing with Lush here … 

New! Ippuku bath bombs featuring Japanese wellness ingredients

Following huge success in Japan (over 96,000 Lush Ippuku baths enjoyed by customers in Japan since launching in 2022), Lush will be launching two new sets of Ippuku bath bombs in shops globally from World Bath Bomb Day. 

Packed full of super powered ingredients from traditional Japanese wellness recipes, each Ippuku set contains three small bath bombs designed especially for small breaks (the Japanese concept of “Ippuku” is the simple act of taking a brief break). Each set is Inspired by the concept of 陰; IN / 陽; YO (yin/yang) where warm and cool forces are balanced harmoniously in the body.

Discover more about Ippuku bath bombs, their inspiration and the celebration of Japanese bathing culture with Chiemi from Lush Japan’s buying team here.

“We have a culture where people enjoy bathing in various ways including hot springs and using seasonal ingredients in bathing products. We take baths almost every day in Japan, even if it’s just a quick bath. It’s similar to the tea culture in the UK, where people take a little moment for themselves to have a cuppa”

-Chiemi, Lush Japan’s buying team

A trio of refreshing bath bombs featuring carefully chosen essential oils to leave you feeling cool and calm. Demerara sugar is a key ingredient used in all of the Ippuku Ryo bath bombs, as it is used as a remedy for menstrual cramps and sensitivity to cold. 

Including Uchimizu bath bomb with mood boosting grapefruit and chamomile, Fuurin bath bomb with its serene blend of cedar, eucalyptus and peppermint and Kokage bath bomb for a forest bathing experience with juniper berry, olibanum and pink pepper.

A trio of warm, stimulating bath bombs featuring essential oils carefully chosen to leave you feeling energised. Noto salt is a key ingredient used in all of the Ippuku Dan bath bombs as it contains sodium which has the role of circulating throughout the body to clean the blood.

Including San San bath bomb with uplifting neroli, buchu and davana, Hinata bath bomb with stimulating cinnamon and juicy green apple and Hibana bath bomb with a warming blend of lend of velvety tobacco, sweet vanilla and comforting tonka.

Bath Bombs being made by hand in
the Lush Factory in Poole, Dorset

World Bath Bomb Day Events: The Lush factory comes to Lush shops for free bath bomb making 

Thousands of customer favourite bath bomb, Intergalactic will be handmade in Lush shops nationwide and given to customers for free (while stocks last). Usually made by hand in the Lush factories in Dorset, the Intergalactic bath bomb will be freshly made in Lush shops from 27th – 29th April. In selected locations, the shop teams will also be joined by expert bath bomb compounders and pressers, direct from the Lush factory. These highly skilled bath bomb experts will help attendees press the perfect bath bomb using all the tips and tricks from the Lush factory.

(Shops confirmed to have Lush bath bomb compounders visiting from the factory include: Glasgow City, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Liverpool, Birmingham, Oxford Street, White City, Stratford City, Dundrum, Belfast, Bluewater, Bristol Broadmead, Manchester Arndale, Manchester Trafford, Leeds, Newcastle, Norwich, Exeter, Southampton

Discover more here

Lush Bathe

You can now enhance your bathing experience even further with playlists on Lush ‘Bathe’, a feature of the Lush App to create any mood to accompany your bathtime. Whether you’re picking your favourite bath bomb to generate a unique playlist that matches your chosen product or choosing between the different audio-visual experiences for transformational me-moments. Bathe also features Lush Spa music, enabling users to lay back and enjoy a series of musical suites that draw deeply on both a love of folk music traditions and bird song.  

Why are Lush celebrating World Bath Bomb Day? 

Lush were first awarded the trademark for bath bombs on 27th April 1990 after being invented by Lush Co-founder and Product Inventor, Mo Constantine in her shed in 1989. Although previously unknown, the term ‘bath bomb’ is now so widely adopted it has been added to the Oxford Dictionary. The trademark has since expired, but the joy of escaping into a vortex of steaming colour is more widespread than ever. It could be the colour, fragrance, #bathart or sheer relaxation, this iconic Lush invention has taken on an identity of its own: bath bombs have earnt a place in the cultural zeitgeist. 

Over this challenging and transformational few years Lush has been inspired by the increase of awareness internationally about the power of incorporating bathing into our wellness routines. Bath bombs transform the humble bathtub into a portal to another world; be that one of relaxation, inspiration… or even seduction. 

notes to editor

The single layer, fast fizzing bath bomb was invented in 1989 by Mo Constantine in her garden shed. Creatively packaged, these new and exciting products turned bath time on its head. Starting with the simple ‘Aqua Sizzler’, we’ve come a long way since then. When Lush began we saw the birth of such classics as ‘Butterball’ and ‘Blackberry Bath Bomb’, simple in their construction but wonderfully effective.

Patented layered ballistics changed the way we do bathing, and classics like Twilight and Dragon’s Egg were born. Later, in 2014, Jack Constantine introduced the concept of #BathArt and opened the whole world’s eyes to the magical, colourful world of bath bombs. 

Always evolving and changing, we later saw the addition of Jelly Bombs to the range in 2017 where sodium alginate softens the skin while providing a whole new texture to the bathing experience.

Social media interactions lead to the creation of Goddess in 2017, inspired by Ariana Grande’s chart topping song: ‘God is a Woman’. In 2018 we introduced fresh technology in our first waterless store in Harajuku, Tokyo followed by Lush partnering with filmmaker Pheobe Arnstein to create the film documentary: We The Bathers, inspired by bathing stories from across the world, including Japan. 

Then two years ago, Lush released their latest bathing collection: Adventures in Bathing, inspiring customers to explore bathing as a tool for accompanying their well being journey. So who knows where bathing will lead us in the future? We’ve come a long way, but we’re still fresh, still handmade, and still revolutionising bathing.

Lush bath bombs are fresh and handmade, and if you want a reminder of just how handmade they are, watch this How It’s Made video showcasing global favourite, Intergalactic.

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