Unleash the mischief!

Lush brings cult favourite Lord of Misrule to life, with a screen debut this winter!

  • Lush collaborate with FeralChild again on animation based on the customer favourite Lord of Misrule product range. 
  • This short animation brings to life the tomfoolery of The Lord of Misrule, who is focused on disrupting the norm to enable nature to flourish.
  • An extended Lord of Misrule product range to build fragrance layering routines, using regenerative patchouli oil from Sumatra
  • Additional mischief from Lord of Misrule including a dedicated microsite, merchandise and book a bath treatment

A disruptive mischief maker at its’ core, Lush has been disrupting the beauty industry since its inception, spearheading a cosmetic revolution to save the planet by innovating fresh, naked and self-preserving products and pioneering a new standard of animal-free safety testing.  This winter Lush has brought to life its fan favourite The Lord of Misrule in a new animation that sees this leader of festive revelries reimagined as a revolutionary helping nature reclaim its space. 

Launching on Monday 24th October 2022, The Lord of Misrule short film is another collaboration with FeralChild (following the success of Lush’s 2021 Snow Fairy animation), the London-based animation studio led by Nella Addy and Rogan van den Berg.

The story follows the lead character Ben’s journey of struggling with inner turmoil and frustrations, and the awakening of his subconscious in the form of The Lord of Misrule.  Mischievous and rebellious, The Lord of Misrule is as wild as nature is supposed to be and the film sees this alter-ego re-wild the city and help nature reclaim its space.

(Feral Child) was thrilled to team up with our friends at Lush once again to create an original story and mischievous character for the super popular “Lord of Misrule” product range. 

We greatly appreciated the creative trust given to us while crafting the Lord of Misrule world and adding to the growing Lush universe of characters and stories. Our talented team poured many loving hours into this project and we all had a blast crafting every detail.

Rogan van den Berg, Director at Feral Child

We loved the idea of this unruly character being an embodiment of misrule that stems from creativity rather than destruction – Having a Halloween story of mischievous rewilding that ties into the Lush ethos of “leaving the world Lusher than we found it.

Nella Addy, Director at Feral Child

The Lord of Misrule that’s rewilding rainforests … 

A key ingredient in the Lord of Misrule product range is Dark Sumatran patchouli oil from Gayo Lues in Indonesia.  

The area is under threat from unsustainable farming practices, causing destruction to local habitats, impacting biodiversity and ruining normal wildlife corridors. Through this deforestation, the growth becomes more sparse, making protected species more susceptible to poaching.

Much like The Lord of Misrule is depicted in this animation, Lush has worked on the ground in Gayo Lues for over a decade, supporting local groups to encourage regenerative, permaculture practices that allow production of the beautiful oil whilst also supporting the land. 

We work in partnership with Orangutan Information Centre and established the Gayo permaculture centre in northern Sumatra in 2015. The centre supports over 200 farmers’ transition to more ecological farming on the edge of the Leuser Rainforest to avoid any encroachment into virgin forest which is orangutan habitat. We support the farmers’ work by purchasing the patchouli oil they produce.

Agnes Gendry, Lush Buying

Are you a Mischief Maker? … 

Alongside the Lord of Misrule animation, Lush has launched a dedicated microsite featuring a quiz, exclusive filters and limited edition Lord of Misrule merchandise. 

Extended Lord of Misrule collection … 

Available online and in Lush shops now, Lush has launched an extended Lord of Misrule product range (prices starting from £5.50) to allow customers to build routines with the cult classic fragrance. The range now features a candle, shower gel, bath bomb, bubble bar, massage bar, body spray, perfume and a Lord of Misrule gift (£38.00) packaged in 100% recycled box and ribbon made from recycled drinks bottles. 

With its distinctive, spicy and sweet scent of aromatic black pepper, regenerative dark Sumatran patchouli and warm vanilla, Lord of Misrule is an intoxicating fragrance loved around the world. Last winter, Lush customers globally stocked up on over 344,000 Lord of Misrule products

You can also experience a Lord of Misrule book a bath treatment (£40.00) exclusively at the Lush Spa Cardiff. 

For further information on the Lord of Misrule animation and activations , please email [email protected]. To view all Lush press releases, please click here.

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