Is this the lushest bathroom ever?

You can now bathe among nature at Lush Spa Cardiff!

  • Sink into nature with a one-of-a-kind bathing experience inspired by one of Lush’s best selling bath bombs
  • Step into soft, floral waters, and enjoy a face mask and eye pads tailored for your skin’s needs, followed by an uplifting herbal tea
  • £40 for a 30-minute private bathing experience and consultation
  • Available now, exclusively at Lush Spa Cardiff on Queen Street

A one-of-a-kind spa experience is coming to Lush on Queen Street this springtime – a 40-minute self-led bath surrounded by nature!

The Book A Bath concept is an indulgent, self-led bathing experience inspired by some of Lush’s most popular bath bombs. The inventors have this time turned their attention to Lakes, one of Lush’s highest rated and best selling bath bombs, which offers bathers the chance to reconnect with nature in a dreamy, floral landscape.

Coming to Cardiff just in time for spring, the Book A Bath: Lakes (£40) is a 30-minute self-led bathing experience, offering new and existing customers the opportunity to discover Lush’s best kept secret – the Lush Spa!

Tucked away upstairs above the shop floor, the Lush Spa offers a number of unique and theatrical treatments, way beyond the average massage. From the cosy, Beatles-themed stretching massage A Hard Day’s Night, to the magical, reflexology-inspired foot and scalp treatment The Spell, there’s something for every client.

Created with all the senses in mind, the Book a Bath experience pairs products tailored to the client’s skin, a refreshing complimentary drink and a specially designed soundtrack for the lushest bath ever. Each experience includes a bath bomb, a fresh face mask and cooling eye pads, chosen by the client before the treatment begins.

“Book A Bath is all about elevating your bathing experience, and exploring how immersive and luxurious a bath can truly be – while mirroring the level of care and attention you’d give if you were running a bath for a loved one.

“With Lakes, we’re excited to bring the beauty of the outdoors in, so you can float away and reconnect with the healing powers of nature, in our beautiful, deep bathtubs. If you need some space to clear your head, this bath can steer you towards a calmer space.

“Carefully curated with all the senses in mind, Lakes is a great bath bomb to build a whole self care routine around, featuring a bespoke soundtrack and products that encourage us to treat ourselves a little bit kinder. A fresh face mask tailored to the client’s needs, soothing eye pads and spa exclusive lavender soap provide soft scents, gentle lathers and light lotions for the very best bathing ritual. Finished off with a crisp, fresh peppermint tea, we think this is the perfect springtime reset for the busy people of Cardiff!”

– Ruby West, Lakes Book A Bath Inventor

To book this immersive experience, call Lush Spa Cardiff on 02920 399089, or email [email protected]. Gift vouchers are also available here.

For more information on the Book A Bath: Lakes, click here.

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For more information, please email [email protected] 

About Lush Spa:

The Lush Spa is an oasis of calm on the high street, with immersive spa experiences designed to transform, rejuvenate and revive. Lush Spa treatments are powered by Lush’s fresh, handmade products, combined with soothing touch, exclusive music, and a hint of surprise, to treat the mind and body and leave people feeling their best self.

UK Lush Spa locations include Bath, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London (Oxford Street) and Poole.

Lush Spa treatments include The Good Hour, Synaesthesia, Tailor Made, The Spell, The Comforter, Hard Days Night Treatment, Renaissance, Tangled Hair, Tales of Bath, Validation Facial, Fresh Facial, The Energiser and Karma.

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