Introducing Tales of Bath

The soothing soundtrack of Lush’s sleep inducing Spa treatment

Digital release of the Tales of Bath Album by Lush

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Fresh Handmade Collective

LABEL: Lush (via Proper Music) – Available on all main Streaming Platforms

ALBUM RELEASE DATE : 19th March 2021

FORMAT: Digital


SINGLE ‘Rolling of the Stones’: 12th March 2021

‘Here the water flows so we can be still for a short while there is nothing that needs doing, discussing, reviewing, interrupting, resuming’

‘Release’, poem by Toby Thompson (track 1)

Without a doubt this year’s World Sleep Day has a different meaning. “Coronasomnia” has had a huge impact on many of our lives and disruptions to daily routines – including changes to sleep patterns and bedtime schedules. 

Just in time for 19th March (World Sleep Day), the soothing soundtrack of Lush’s sleep inducing ‘Tales of Bath’ Spa treatment will be available on all main streaming platforms for people to enjoy from the comfort of their own home, to create their own watery sanctuary to dive into.

‘Tales of Bath’ is a pagan Celtic inspired piece of music in collaboration with local musicians from Bath, composed and produced by Richard Evans.

Lush’s co-founder and MD Mark Constantine commissioned me to come up with a piece about the myths surrounding Bath and it’s hot springs . The story of King Bladud is about healing; the healing powers of nature and the natural rhythms of life . I was blessed to have Caroline Crawley co-write this music . I think it’s poignant that she repeatedly reassures us in her lyrics that, ‘after winter, spring will return again.’

Richard Evans, Producer

This underground soundtrack will take the listener far beneath the earth to the beating heart of Bath Spa and its mystical tunnels, where the ancient waters run deep.The stories are told through songs and poetry, including the tale of the ancient King Bladud and his search for the arts of magic and science, featuring poet and spoken word artist Toby Thompson, singer Caroline Crawley

Folk artist Jackie Oates enchants the listener with her voice on ‘Rolling of the Stones’, which will be released on the 12th March ahead of the Album release.


Soak in a symphony of springs, warm, flowing music and Celtic lore to find rest, revival and contentment. Let this ethereal lullaby draw you deep into the underworld and hot springs, where water is a source of calm and revival.

Available on all main streaming platforms from the 19th March 2021.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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