If Lush did bathrooms… what would they look like?

Adventures in Bathing – step into a personification of a Lush bath bomb!

Following the launch of the Adventures in Bathing bath bomb collection, Lush has created six covetable bathrooms full of the essence of each bath bomb’s personality. Each beautifully designed bathroom features clues about what to expect from the bath bomb by the details within each room.

Lush bath bombs are known for the beautiful colours and scents, the visual approach to this campaign was about extending Lush’s bath bomb themes and personalities out beyond the bath water. Offering Lush fans the opportunity to visualise bath bombs as an experience and ‘at-home’ destination rather than simply showing the product in use…

This was about inspiring a renewed outlook on the bathroom. An early thought on this project was how our bathrooms are usually the only room with a lock in someone’s house: a place where you’re able to really be in your own thoughts and dreams. So to honour this, the bathroom could too be a bold and nurturing space, that’s full of adventure and self expression

Tom Griffiths, Lush Creative Lead
Be Somewhere Else with Lush’s new Bath Bombs

Working with photographer Antosh Sergiew and set designer Carolina Mizrahi Lush designed the wildly different and adventurous bathrooms with a view to galvanising a fresh perspective on the humble bathroom.

Lush fans are encouraged to explore each bathroom to find out which one they are most drawn to. Each bath bomb can then be enjoyed alongside their unique visual and audio accompaniments to showcase that ‘you don’t have to go far to be somewhere else’. 


I really wanted to make this new range feel like a little holiday for every customer to make sure we all take a well deserved break during these trying times. We may not be able to go adventuring around the world right now, so take your adventure to the bathroom with this new range

Jack Constantine, Lush Product Inventor and CDO

Discover the inspiration for each Lush Bathroom on Lush’s Pinterest here. 


For further information on photographer Antosh Sergiew, please click here.

For further information on set designer Carolina Mizrahi, please click here 

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