Do you believe in Magik?

Lush announces new collection with CBD, adaptogens, mushrooms and more.

The fresh, handmade cosmetics company has announced Magik, a collection of four brand new CBD-based products to treat the senses. The collection launches exclusively via the Lush app on Friday 18th April and in-store and online on the 20th April, at 4:20pm. 

Works For Your Body and Bath 

Made with ingredients that work perfectly in the bath to soothe the body and clear the mind, set the alarm for 4:20pm and don’t miss an afternoon bathtime with Magik. Harness all the power of the super-natural and lather, massage, bathe and bask with ingredients such as anti-inflammatory CBD, soothing magnesium and adaptogenic herbs including conditioning ashwagandha and calming shiitake mushrooms. 

Lush has wrapped these key ingredients up in four expert and effective formulas for your self-care needs:CBD & Epsom Salt Cube, CBD & Magnesium Massage Bar, CBD Temple Balm and CBD Shower Gel. So if you’re taking a leaf out of Lush co-founder Mark Constantine’s book and enjoying a daily 4pm bath to unwind, the CBD & Epsom Salt Cube, with a solid 95mg dose of CBD per cube is a ticket to tranquillity. Or, if you need some help relaxing while out and about, find support and comfort in times of emotional demand by using the pocket-sized CBD Temple Balm. Lush’s in-house perfumers add their own touch of MAGIK to each product, with a wickedly good, fine, handmade fragrance.

MAGIK CBD & Epsom Salt Cube, £11.00 / €14.00

A deeply restorative CBD bath salt cube made with powdered shiitake mushroom, over 40% Epsom salts and our most generous helping of CBD. A bath with this beauty serves up silky, magnesium-infused waters and bucketloads of relaxation. This Epsom Salt cube contains chamomile blue oil: a previous oil known for its high contents of chamazulene and bisabolol, which can have beneficial effects on the skin and mood.

96% of testers found that this product helped promote recuperation and wellbeing. Based on feedback from 32 independent testers.

MAGIK CBD & Magnesium Massage Bar, £14.00 / €19.00

Fans who loved the magnesium range and Joints massage bar are in for a treat with the new MAGIK Massage Bar. Made with a generous helping of CBD and plenty of magnesium oil to promote rest and wellbeing, we’ve also treated this solid moisturiser to a triple whammy of panax ginseng, ashwagandha infusion and shiitake mushroom: adaptogenic ingredients that are said to promote resilience to stress.

88% of testers said that the product helped them to relax or improved their wellbeing. Based on feedback from 54 independent testers who used this product over a four week period.

MAGIK CBD Temple Balm, £12.00 / €15.00

Maybe you need clarity and reassurance. Maybe you need a moment of calm. Maybe what you actually need is to talk your best friend’s ear off but their phone’s going to voicemail… Whatever your minor crisis, this pocket-sized CBD temple balm is on hand throughout the day to rescue you with our bespoke blend of calm, courtesy of CBD, chamomile and jasmine. Perfect for fight or flight moments.

Since 2008, Lush has only used 100 percent recycled plastic in its packaging. Lush shoppers help keep virgin plastics out of its supply chain completely via the Bring It Back Scheme – for every temple balm tube customers return to their local Lush store to be recycled, they get 50p off at the till.

MAGIK CBD Shower Gel, £12.00 to £40.00 / €15.00 to €50.00

Lather up to loosen up! This grounding blend of CBD, ylang ylang and chamomile blue is a real mind cleanser and just the ticket for washing away tension. While CBD takes care of your mind, oodles of softening vegan glycerine takes care of your body, helping the skin to retain moisture. 

This shower gel is made with fine sea salt that protects bird life through salt pan conservation and gives this shower gel a silky smooth texture.


Since establishing in 1995, Lush has been driven by innovation and its ethics. Creators of pioneering beauty products, one of Lush’s most well-known creations is the bath bomb. Invented in 1989 by Lush Co-Founder Mo Constantine in her garden shed, bath bombs have become a global sensation – all hand pressed in Lush’s own manufacturing sites across the world, Lush sold over 40.5 million last year.

A beauty company with a campaigning heart, Lush is on a mission to create a product for every need and a cosmetic revolution to save the planet. The ultimate goal is to leave the world Lusher than we found it.

Lush operates a strict policy against animal testing and leads the cosmetics industry in combating over-packaging by developing products that can be sold ‘naked’ to the consumer. Lush Digital champions ethical hardware, ethical data, ethical design and open-source technologies and we support and elevate communities who feel the same.

Today, Lush operates in 52 countries with over 850 shops, 38 websites shipping worldwide and a global network of native apps, broadcasting channels and digital communities in over 30 languages.

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