Come party with us!

Lush Parties have had a glow up….

  • Featuring 3 new exclusive Lush Party products
  • Product making and customisable activities
  • Available in Lush shops nationwide from 23rd May 2024

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want an experience you’ll never forget, Lush has the party for you. These customisable party packages with new and exclusive products are available now at Lush shops across the UK and Ireland.

For £25 / €25 per person, guests can create a customisable experience just for them. Each party includes a product making kit for you and your guests to create your very own fresh, handmade product and a pick ‘n’ mix of activities which will be selected during your Lush Party consultation. 

To make your party extra special, Lush has created a new and exclusive range of products including Shower in the Disco shower gel, Bouncy Castle shower jelly and Birthday Bear bath bomb.  Each guest will receive one of these ready made exclusive products to take home with them.

The guest of honour will leave with an extra special gift containing three exclusive products of their choice, all bundled up in their very own organic cotton knot wrap – a fabric alternative to gift wrap based on the ancient Japanese tradition of furoshiki. Once unwrapped, the knot wrap can be re-used in dozens of different ways — as a scarf, a hair tie or as packaging for another beautiful gift.

Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled afternoon or some R&R, Lush have got you covered. Simply pick your party pack, choose your extras and book in! It’s that easy! So what are you waiting for? Let’s party!

For further information on Lush Parties, please contact your local shop.


Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle shower jelly

Wibble, wobble and bounce this shower jelly over the body to create fun, softening suds.

Birthday Bear bath bomb

It’s your birthday, you can bathe if you want to! Celebrations of colour and citrus dance across warm waters, jump in and enjoy the party.

Shower in the Disco shower gel

Lather up in the sweet scent of bergamot and let the shimmery suds cover you in disco-ready glitter! 


Happy Bathday gift, £43

With new contents of 3 exclusive party products, Birthday Bear bath bomb, Toby’s Magic Cow bath bomb, Gold Party Balloon reusable bubble bar, Brightside mini bubble bar, Calm A Llama The Party Piñata bath bomb, Intergalactic bath bomb and a Party bag which includes  stickers, a badge, banner and spinner it’s the perfect addition to your party!


  • Every party needs at least two designated adults. To make sure the party goes without a hitch both adults must be present and stay for the duration of the party if the guests are under 16.
  • If any younger guests have an allergy then the child’s parent must also stay to enjoy the party with them.
  • Parties are 1.5 hours and are available to be booked any day of the week. Contact your local store for availability
  • One party pack – £25 per head
  • At least £5 deposit taken when booking
  • Product making included
  • Exclusive party items
  • Custom gift of three exclusives for the guest of honour
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