Black and Irish x Black Inclusive Curriculum x Lush

Be a teaching hero in the fight against racism

Lush is supporting Black & Irish and Black Inclusive Curriculum Ireland to increase the availability of anti-racism education for school staff across Ireland.


Data from two 2021 surveys found that 94% of BIPOC* in Ireland have experienced Racism in School. With 99% of teachers feeling it is their responsibility to be actively inclusive in their classrooms. These findings showed that for both students and school staff alike there is a need for anti-racism education with 4 out of 5 teachers saying they would be open to training.

*Black, indigenous, people of colour


From 7th until 20th February 2022 Lush will be supporting Black & Irish and Black Inclusive Curriculum Ireland with dedicated shop windows to highlight the importance of anti-racism anti-bias training for school staff across Ireland. The campaign will raise awareness on the importance of educating school staff and raise funds in order to help Irish schools become more inclusive environments, including a website with resources and educational materials. 

It is vital that teachers are trained so that they can ensure their classrooms are truly safe and inclusive spaces. Every child in Ireland has a right to feel safe in their educational environment and training like ours is an important step. We are so excited to be partnering with LUSH to make anti-racism teacher training in Ireland a reality.

Black and Irish x Black Inclusive Curriculum

What is Anti-Racism Anti Bias training?

Anti-Racism Anti-bias training for school staff aims to build capacity for empathy and connection. By developing an understanding of bias and what it takes to be anti-bias, as well as informing participants about the origins of race and racism, it encourages teachers to be actively anti-racist in their classrooms through a variety of methods, including curriculum choice and whole-school development.

To support this campaign, Lush stores across Ireland and online will be selling the Knowledge Bath Bomb (€8.00), with 100% of the proceeds (minus the VAT) split between Black Inclusive Curriculum and Black & Irish.  Shaped like a book, this bath bomb will leave a trail of shimmering gold and warm pink hues in the bath, emitting floral notes and sweet vanilla. 

For Editors

Black and Irish

Black and Irish is an organisation that is here to highlight and celebrate the identity of black and mixed-race Irish people. They aim to spread awareness around the world of the experiences, struggles and successes from within their community. Their mission is to engage with the wider Irish society. To come together, celebrate black and mixed-race Irish identity, and spread awareness by telling stories

Contact details: [email protected]


Black Inclusive Curriculum Ireland

Black Inclusive Curriculum is an organisation centred around campaigning for an inclusive curriculum and Anti-racism teacher training in all Irish schools.

Contact details: [email protected]



Lush invent, manufacture and retail fresh handmade cosmetics.  A beauty company with a campaigning heart, Lush is passionate about direct action and uses their stores around the world as a platform to shed light on little known social and environmental issues.

Lush Press Office contact details: [email protected]  / 020 7434 3948

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