Back by popular demand! 

These iconic Lush products will be returning in 2023…

After a huge volume of requests from Lush customers and staff, Lush have announced that they will be bringing four fan favourite products back to their all year round product range. Lush has always listened to its loyal fans and staff. The need for a beauty brand that speaks to its consumers directly, offering them a chance to engage beyond the traditional touch points of purchase, use and mass marketing is essential.

The products will be launched on Wednesday 4th January 2023 exclusively on the Lush mobile app, before being launched globally online and in Lush Anchor shops from Tuesday 10th January.

Lush’s ability to listen to and speak directly with its customers sets it apart from others in the industry, allowing Lush to leverage customer feedback to continually innovate and develop relevant products. Lush knows by bringing back certain products, they’ll always top their wish list.

So, Guess Who’s Back…?

Karma Kream body lotion (£18.00 / €22.50 for 225g)

This is a body lotion with wellbeing benefits – the ingredients boost meditation, contemplation and reflection. Inspired by Kensington High Street, London, in the 1960s and ’70s, you can use this lotion when you need some straightforward softness with aromatherapeutic properties.

Grass shower gel (£20.00 / €24.00 for 290g)

Anyone who says that the smell of freshly cut grass is their favourite scent should be all over this gel. An instant mood booster that’s taken a little holiday from Lush’s shop floors, but is back due to popular demand.

King of Skin body butter (£9.00 / €12.00)
Welcome back to this beautiful, buttery bar – treat your skin like royalty! A long time core range product, it’s back after a little break. King of Skin body butter is solid, packaging-free, naturally self-preserving and vegan.

Godiva shampoo & conditioner bar (£9.00 / €12.00)

A jasmine-scented golden coin, full of shine enhancing camellia oil. As a 2-in-1, this bar gives a light conditioning action alongside lots of moisture and softness. A great choice for wavy and curly hair, it will keep each strand hydrated from root to tip. Completely naked and plastic packaging free, Lush’s shampoo bars have saved the use of 170 million plastic bottles.

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