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Lush launches scented candles

On Thursday 21st April 2022, Lush will launch three new scented candles online and in shops nationwide. Following the high demand of Lush’s limited edition Snow Fairy candle in 2021, the popular Lush scents of Orange Blossom, The Olive Branch, and Sleepy (£12.00 /€15.00, 75g each) will be available permanently. Poured into frosted glass jars filled with Lush’s best-selling fragrances, with a burn time of approximately 12-15hrs. 

The candle base is made up of rapeseed wax, coconut oil, coconut wax, and castor wax and remains palm, paraffin, soy-free, and 100% vegan. Infused with high-quality, ethically-sourced essential oils, Lush candles are perfect for relaxing and accompanying favourite bathtime products. The practice of candle gazing is well known in well-being circles as a way to drop into a meditative state – lighting a candle can transform the mood of your room to help you feel calm and relaxed.

At Lush, we believe in long candlelit baths so we wanted to create the perfect candle to accompany your bath time. It was an exciting process to modify the Lush fragrance from perfume and bath bombs to candles. This is our first permanent launch of candles with more scents to follow in the future.

Gary Shears, Lush Product Inventor

Orange Blossom scented candle 

Price £12.00 / €15.00 (75g) Vegan 


A powerful blend of orange blossom, neroli and sandalwood give any room a big comforting hug.

A trio of light floral and citrus oils blend to create this scent, packed with gentle energy. Zesty bergamot works to clear the mind, while neroli encourages a sense of inner peace and cheerfulness. Orange flower absolute, one of the most popular ingredients in perfumery, brings an uplifting calm.

Regenerative neroli from Lebanon

It takes at least 1,000 pounds of orange blossom to produce just one pound of Neroli oil. Lush sources the neroli oil in this candle from Lebanon, where it’s the by-product of the orange flower water industry, meaning no additional pressure is placed on the environment for its production. Lush buy orange blossoms from farmers who ensure their land and orchards are designated “no hunt” zones, and partner with small-scale producers who, using generations-old traditional techniques and expertise, distill a high-quality essential oil, supporting the local community. Read more here.

The Olive Branch scented candle 

Price £12.00 / €15.00 (75g) Vegan 


Find your peace with comforting citrusy woody notes of bergamot, orange flower, and oakmoss.

A scent that changes over time, galbanum oil invites a refreshingly green top note, while bergamot and orange flower do their cheerful thing. Oakmoss, a stalwart of perfumery, helps to ground the scent (and yourself).

Rosemary, often used as a heart note in perfumery, is believed to promote cleansing for the air and mind. The leaves have higher concentrations of active ingredients and essential oil in summertime, so harvesting is done in hot, dry weather, after sunrise, once the dew has evaporated.

Sleepy scented candle

Price £12.00 / €15.00 (75g) Vegan 

Relax and wind down in a cloud of dreamy lavender and ylang ylang essential oil.

Dreamy lavender oil fills the air to urge you towards a more relaxed state. Calming ylang ylang oil has long been considered a natural mind-easer, attempting to bring you a little more peace with its a sweet and heady fragrance.

Introducing the new Lush Delivery Pass! A whole year of unlimited Lush Deliveries for £15.

Lush has launched its first Delivery Pass in the UK and Germany, allowing  customers to have unlimited standard delivery for 12 months for £15. Lush hopes the Delivery Pass will deliver convenience as well as help with rising delivery and Royal Mail stamp charges, supported by a  Fair Use Policy which encourages considered use of the pass and its impact on the planet. Lush reminds its customers to consider their impact on the planet “We ask that you think twice about how often you use your pass. By grouping smaller deliveries into one, you will lessen the impact on the planet.”

The Delivery Pass appears as a product available for purchase on and will appear as an option when selecting preferred delivery at checkout. 

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