Lush Ethics

All of our products are made by hand, fresh, every day…

We Believe…

We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud…

Our products are made in spaces that look more like big kitchens than manufacturing sites. We have many more people working in our factories than we have machines. We produce cosmetics with our personal touch, creating local jobs and using local resources. Our factories are happy places where the product makers take care in their work and are proud to have their faces displayed on the packaging of the products they made. We don’t think of our factory workers as backroom staff, but as the kitchen stars who whip up fresh, amazing products with speed and finesse every day.

That is why we add stickers to our packaged products, to show customers the name and face of the person that made their product, as well as when it was made and when it goes out of date

Lush compounders are working around a pressing table, making Aubergine bath bomb
A Lush compounder pouring ingredients into a large blue barrel inside a Lush production room.
A Lush colleague in a white t shirt and black baseball cap stirs hot ingredients in a large barrel, making Twilight Shower Jelly
We have manufacturing locations in 6 countries around the world

Bath Bombs made by hand this year

A close up image of a Lush batch code sticker being placed on a product.

Our Batch Stickers

A close up image of a Lush batch code sticker being placed on a product.

We proudly display our faces on each product that we make by hand, and that’s every product, globally.

We tell you when they were made, so you know just how fresh they are.

When we invent new products, we don’t need new machinery, we simply need to train our staff to make them. With every new skill our compounders gain, they work their way up to being Master Compounders. These lovely folk have to train and be signed off in 20 different departments, which can take up to 2 years to complete. We currently have 14 fully trained Master Compounders in the business, and we’re constantly looking to train more in all global manufacturing sites.

In Manufacturing we have a culture of training as many people as we can to make our products. There is a constant training plan in place for all our compounders to be continually up-skilling and learning new product ranges and about our raw materials.

There is also a massive focus not just on compounding when it comes to handmade, but also on our production assistants on the factory floor, as they press, shape and wrap our lovely products into the final finished item.  Over the years, handmade in production has become more skilled as the products have become more complex, detailed and intricate.

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