Lush’s Union Statement

There are people at the heart of the whole Lush chain – from the people who grow our ingredients, those at our factories who skilfully turn those ingredients into products, the friendly people on our shop floors who carefully find the correct product for each of our customers and all the hidden people in between who keep the business flowing.  All of these people deserve good working conditions and fair pay. 

In recognition of this, our goal has always been to keep a balanced pay and benefits structure from top to bottom where, as the business grows and becomes more profitable, the direction of travel is always towards lifting the lowest paid roles upwards rather than simply inflating Shareholders’ dividends.  For direct Lush employees, we pledge to always pay above the Government set minimum rate of pay in each country, but to go further wherever there is enough profit, to pay the Living wage and beyond – a process which we are constantly monitoring.

We believe that everyone should be able to discuss wages and conditions with their employers – whether that is people picking flower petals in fields, or those working in our own Lush buildings.  They should have the right to approach their employers and be heard, whether that is advocating personally for themselves, informally as a group or via outside representation via Unions or Collectives.  We uphold people’s right to join unions as strongly as we uphold people’s right to choose not to join. No one should be, or would be, stopped from working at Lush because they want to belong to a union and no one should be stopped from working at Lush because they don’t want to join a union. We will work with our suppliers, our own employees, and any representatives towards the goal of ensuring that Lush continues to be a great place to work.

*If local legislation differs then we always abide by local laws

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