A luscious food forest in Nakivale, Uganda, grown by YICE Uganda
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The Detail

Ethical Consumer

The Lush Spring Prize is facilitated and coordinated in partnership with Ethical Consumer, an independent, not-for-profit co-operative based in Manchester, UK.

Special Awards

Some years, the Lush Spring Prize has hosted special award categories alongside other partners, such as the Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom award alongside Be The Earth Foundation, or the Permaculture award alongside Permaculture Magazine.

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The Lush Spring Prize is a biennial fund which awards at least £200,000 to a diverse array of organisations from around the world that are working towards environmental and social regeneration.

Since launching the Lush Spring Prize, over £1,000,000 has now been awarded across over 70 prizes.

With each prize cycle, awards have been given to at least 11 projects within four categories: Intentional Projects, Young Projects and Established Projects, as well as an ‘Influence Award’ which seeks to fund groups that have a wide impact in the regenerative field and beyond.

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The Lush Spring Prize 2023 highlights

The 2023 Lush Spring Prize saw the arrival of over 450 applications from almost every continent around the world.

A team of 30 shortlisters were enrolled to thoroughly read and analyse each application, including participants from all across the Lush business.

Alongside our core prize categories, two new categories were celebrated; the Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom Award and the Permaculture Magazine Prize.

We were also able to support some organisations who didn’t receive a Lush Spring Prize, through other Lush Giving streams

Photos on this page with thanks to previous Lush Spring Prize recipient organisations: YICE Uganda, Sol Haven, Cooperativa Agropecuaria de Servicios Tonanzintlalli, and ECOLISE.

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