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Lush offers charitable support across a number of different grant giving streams, spanning grassroots activism, regenerative design, fighting animal testing, and more.

Charity Pot

In 2007, Lush created the Charity Pot hand and body lotion to raise money for charities, campaigning groups and other good causes.

Over a decade after its creation, Charity Pot hand and body lotion is still topping the charts. With a skin soothing blend of fresh Aloe gel and nourishing Moringa oil, Charity Pot has an abundance of positive benefits for skin, as well as for groups working hard for animal protection, human rights and the environment. In 2020, Lush even released a packaging-free version, named Charity Pot Coin, and a fragrance named Grassroots.

100% of the retail price paid by customers buying Charity Pot products (minus the sales tax) is granted to grassroots organisations working for animal protection, human rights and the environment around the world. Charity Pot focuses on funding smaller organisations, especially those who have limited resources and who are challenged to find funding elsewhere. Funding is offered from £100 to £10,000 to grassroots groups that need help to make a positive difference in our world.

Lush will give our time, Lush will give our raw materials and Lush will give our shop space to Charity Pot – if you will be kind enough to buy it!

Mark Constantine, Lush Co Founder
Helen Ambrosen on Charity Pot

Charity Pot Application process

You can find some clear information about the Charity Pot application process here. If you are considering applying, please read the criteria carefully. This criteria helps to ensure that only groups aligning with Lush’s ethical values are supported. If you know a small charity that is doing great deeds, then please tell them about Charity Pot and suggest they submit an application to us. All groups must meet Lush’s entry criteria. Lush receives a high number of applications, so the decision-making panel aims to support a range of charities and groups across a variety of issues and localities, to spread the grants as far as possible. It can be challenging when funding applications are turned down, but please don’t be insulted if your suggestion does not make it to the final list. This may be because of limited fund availability at the current time, and Lush is unable to fund all the worthwhile causes that apply each month.

Each year, Lush releases a list of the groups who have received Charity Pot funding. You can find that list here.

Portrait of a person standing in a spotlight as though in prison, holding a blank black sign. The person has a light skin tone, short blonde hair and is wearing a pink boiler suit
Against a light brown background, a person with a dark skin tone applies All The Wild Things soap to their upper body
A group of fox hunting protesters walk down a street wearing orange fox masks on top of their heads. Two people are in the foreground and the person on the left has their face painted like a fox
A birds eye view of forests and greenery with a river running through the centre. In the middle, to the left, the greenery forms the letters SOS
A small selection of charitable products and causes

More charitable support at Lush

With the generous donations of Lush customers buying Charity Pot hand and body lotion, over £53 million has been raised through sales since 2007. In addition to this, Lush raises money for specific campaigning groups and organisations by selling limited edition campaign products. An example of this is the sale of an Orangutan shaped soap, “When They’re Gone, They’re Gone”, the sales of which supported the purchase and rewilding of over 890 acres of land in Sumatra, Indonesia alongside the Sumatran Orangutan Society.

In the past, Lush also raised money through the sale of a range of products called FUN. This special ‘FunD’ aimed to support groups working in the Fukushima region of Japan, following the devastating 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. The ‘FunD’ had a focus on creating safe spaces for children to play, especially while outdoor playgrounds and sporting spaces were unsafe or contaminated.

Inspired by Lush’s passion for Fighting Animal Testing, the biennial Lush Prize rewards initiatives across the scientific and campaigning sectors that work to end or replace animal testing, particularly in the area of toxicology research.

Through a bag tax implemented in a number of countries, Lush also has a Regeneration Fund, or Re:Fund. The Re:Fund was born out of the desire to move beyond sustainability, toward environmental and social Regeneration. A biennial prize called the Lush Spring Prize also works to reward whole-systems approaches to some of the biggest challenges facing human and non-human communities today.

Find out more about the diverse streams of Lush Giving.

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