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Green Hub

Lush’s Green Hub is our commitment to and investment in the circular economy. We close the loop on our packaging and water; re-use, repurpose and repair materials and welcome staff and community with open arms into the world of zero waste


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At Lush, we’re designing for zero waste. From the get go we’ve innovated to remove needless packaging by creating naked solid products to replace bottled liquid ones. From our products to our processes, we start from the beginning, designing with waste in mind. While we know that zero waste is the goal, we also know there is a way to go to get there – and that’s where the Green Hub comes in.

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From our black pots and bottle tops, to our water and wood, we take responsibility for materials that could be considered ‘waste’. We don’t treat these materials as waste, but as treasured materials that can be reused, recycled, repurposed, recovered and repaired at the Green Hub…

Circularity ‘or closing the loop’ is the trendy way of saying waste not want not! It starts with finding ways to slow the flow of ‘waste’ materials into landfill and ends with all processes seamlessly moving materials into other uses creating no waste at all. Just like nature does! At the Green Hub, our granulators are the stars of the show, shredding our moulds from manufacturing and pots lovingly returned by our customers ready for their next lives as, you guessed it, more moulds and pots.  

Connections between companies, councils and communities allow us all to create a whole ecosystem of like minded people, helping to clean things up for the next generation. At the Green Hub we have community spaces for schools and local groups as well as Lush staff, so we can learn and engage in this venture together. Together we can raise our voices, demand change, and work towards real solutions and better policies to help us leave the world lusher than we found it.

Since we opened our first Green Hub in 2015, we’ve upscaled, expanded, and grown our understanding of the capabilities we have to take responsibility for our waste. The Green Hub is the heart of the closed loop recycling system for our black pots and product moulds, but we know recycling alone simply isn’t the solution. We’ve invested £2.3m to grow the capabilities of the Green Hub, with a new larger location, more departments involved, improving our processes to create solutions that allow us to reuse, repurpose, recover and repair materials – from the water we use to wash our spa towels to the wood we build our shop fittings with.  

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Two Lush Colleagues in high vis stood in the Green Hub by a machine
The front of the Green Hub - A black corner building with large windows. On the windows are large white outlines of product packaging
A Lush colleague is stood in front of a group presenting at a Green Hub event
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A person in high vis is walking through the Green Hub holding a box
a group of people in high vis sorting through black lush pots on a conveyor belt in the Green Hub
Hands holding a pile of shredded black pot plastic
A Lush colleague is stood in front of a group presenting at a Green Hub event
The granulator conveyor belt carrying black lush pots to be shredded
Founder Ro is stood talking at a Green Hub event - She has pink shoulder length hair and is wearing a light green flowy dress

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