An Update on Lush's Trans Inclusion Work, June 2021

It is a principle of Lush that All Are Welcome, Always and following a period of reflection, we recognised we can do more to specifically amplify the voices of our internal Trans and Non-Binary community, and work towards better support for the wider community. At the beginning of 2021, we began an active effort to become a safe and inclusive place for Trans and Non-Binary people to work and shop.

We aimed to do this by collaborating with our internal Lush network and establishing a working group, made up of Trans and Non-Binary Lush employees as well as cisgender Lush employees, from UK&I Retail and Support areas of the business. The members of the group have worked together to shape conversation and feedback into actions and outcomes, including training, curating and compiling resources, and consulting across the business to work towards becoming the company we want to be.

Over the last several months, we have been able to achieve a number of outcomes to improve gender inclusivity across the business. We’ve listened to employee and customer feedback, and taken this opportunity to learn and improve. This is an active and ongoing commitment, and whilst we recognise that it is in its early stages, we are pleased to report on what we have achieved so far.

What we’ve done

  • Started an internal community network group for Trans and Non-Binary employees to connect and collaborate across the business.
  • Ensured that people have accessible ways to update their information with Payroll, to avoid deadnaming and misgendering.
  • Consulted with Retail, Spa and Hair Lab to consider improvements for the Trans or Non-Binary client and customer experience.
  • Ensured that pronoun badges are easily accessible and available to order by all teams, so that each employee can wear their pronouns and gender identity visibly, vocally and proudly, if they wish. 
  • Collaborated with Mermaids UK to deliver a training session to all UK&I Managers during a UK&I Manager’s Meeting in February 2021.
  • Rolled out an internal Gender Diversity and Inclusivity training programme across the business, which was created and led by our Trans and Non-Binary working group.
  • Supplied resources to ensure teams can communicate their learning from those sessions effectively with all staff and customers.

Hosted frank and constructive conversations around cisnormativity, unconscious bias, language and actions, and diverse gender representation, led by Trans and Non-Binary colleagues. These are part of an ongoing series of Coffee and Conversation sessions, and are an active effort for us to become comfortable with having the uncomfortable conversations related to equity, diversity and inclusion. All employees and staff are encouraged and welcome to attend.

What’s next?

Building on the work that has been achieved so far, the Trans and Non-Binary working group are currently designing longer term training plans that incorporates practical guidance for learning, reflection and actions for Trans and Non-Binary inclusion at Lush. Sticking to our belief in grassroots and community led action, this plan encourages teams to connect and continue the work on inclusion internally, as well as strengthening relationships with local Trans and Non-Binary organisations and community groups.


What we’re aiming for

We are committed to supporting the Trans and Non-Binary community. We are open to listening and learning from our mistakes, and actively making improvements for a better, and more inclusive future.

We want Trans and Non-Binary people to feel safe, respected and supported, whatever role they play at Lush. We want our everyday interactions to feel empowering and affirming, and for Lush to be a place where people of all genders feel welcomed, always.

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