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Mind the gap! Understanding Lush’s Gender Pay reports

Whilst these report will be expressed in binary gender terms, we wish at the outset to acknowledge that Lush is made up of a vibrant and diverse group of people who don’t always fit neatly into conventional pigeon holes.

Lush should be a safe place, and a level playing field, for everyone regardless of sex, gender, age, race, class, nationality, religion, disability, sexuality or any perceived difference. Our aim is always to celebrate diversity, to be gender neutral and for opportunity to be equally available to all.

Our Gender Pay Report undertakes to measure and reflect our company-wide pay in terms of male and female. Whilst we have come out better than the national average, there is still a pay gap between men and women in Lush, which we will explore in this report and infographics.

Only by understanding what creates the female pay gap will there ever be a chance to close it.

Employers play a large part in eliminating the gap and giving women the same life choices available to men.

Lush Twilight Shower Jelly being made by hand
Lush is made up of a vibrant and diverse group of people

UK Retail Cosmetics National Average pay gap


The Lush Retail Gender Pay Gap


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