Lush manufacturing staff are standing on the factory floor pressing bath bombs which contain shades of green, peach and pink
How we work

We want Lush to be a great place to work for everyone

Lush manufacturing staff are standing on the factory floor pressing bath bombs which contain shades of green, peach and pink

Our structure

At Lush, we believe in providing local jobs at a fair wage, buying goods and services at a fair price, paying our taxes, buying directly from smaller suppliers, giving to charities and speaking out for change on issues we care about in the world.

Joining Lush is a bit like joining an ecosystem of diverse ideas and people. We’re not structured in a traditional way, a lot of people don’t have an official job title and take on lots of roles, and that’s how we flourish. People progress via the connections they make. The more people you work with, collaborate with, support and are supported by, the more integral you become.

A few years ago we began to talk about mycelium as a way to describe how we are organised. Mycelium, for those who don’t know, is an underground network of fungi. Recently it has been discovered that they actually act as a ‘wood wide web’ for the forest – nature’s internet. A connected network of cooperation.

And it’s this pattern that we all recognised as being similar to how we work. In that way Lush is a family and it is a family who care for each other. We want each of us to succeed and to be able to enjoy the same benefits. Benefits such as a Living Wage, freedom of movement and a share in the business we all work so hard for. Really it has become the fungus among us…

Several straight lines moving in different directions are connected to several small pink dots, depicting the idea of mycelium

our staff

Diversify our future We are building a brand that represents the people of the world. It’s what you do that counts, and we are always looking to expand perspectives and voices to shape our future. We see you, we celebrate you, we want you!

Who we are You might know us as the inventors of the bath bomb, but there’s more to this great-smelling, privately-owned and family-run company than pioneering cosmetics. We believe our business should put more back into the world than it takes and demonstrate that capitalism can be a force for good. We fight cruel practices like animal testing, promote regeneration, and show that what’s inside counts – whether that’s an ingredient in a product, or the minerals in a smartphone.

What it’s like working for Lush People are at the heart of our business. We want you to enjoy and challenge yourself, build a career, and teach us what we don’t know, so we’ve created a culture where your job description is a starting point, not an end goal. Our working style is flexible, fluid, supportive, and authentic – if you’ve got the drive to push yourself and try different things, you will have our support.

There are lots of different functions and types of work at Lush – from handmade manufacturing to retail roles, and every support job imaginable. Here’s a few of the benefits you can expect from working at Lush…

Please note the benefits listed here will vary depending on a number of factors, including the country you are employed by, the area of business you work within, and the type of contract you have – permanent or temporary. 

We pay all of our permanent employees the real Living Wage irrespective of age. This is an independently calculated rate of pay based upon a basket of items that measures what people need to earn as opposed to the government’s minimum rate of pay for over 23 year olds (currently £9.50ph). The Living Wage Foundations’ statement that ‘a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay‘ is one that we are proud to commit to, recognising everyone’s hard work and sharing the success of the business. The Living Wage is announced each November and implemented into the business by the following April.

You can read more about the Living Wage  here.

The Living Wage Foundation Logo: Three coloured circles, slightly overlapping. A large blue circle, a smaller yellow circle slightly to the right, and another smaller, orange circle underneath. White text overlapping the three circles reads 'Living Wage Foundation'.

Everyone is on a bonus scheme. The eligibility to earn a bonus is a cornerstone of Lush, ensuring that everyone who works with us has the opportunity to go above and beyond and be recognised for their contribution.

Our Bonus Structure

Retail Bonuses in our retail stores are focused on increasing sales vs last year. Bonus is awarded for achieving targets up to a maximum payout of 50% of pay.

Manufacturing Linked to production KPIs and paid as a team or based on individual output dependant on the manufacturing department.

Digital and Central Support Teams An annual bonus scheme that pays out when the company achieves forecasted profit.

Additional rewards and bonuses are occasionally awarded throughout the year, such as our ‘Thank You’ or ‘Christmas’ Bonuses.
These are linked to our ‘We Believe’ statement or ‘Secret Cosmetic Masterplan’.

Retail & Manufacturing Holiday
From 20 to 25 days (+ bank holidays) depending on length of service and position in Retail and Manufacturing.

Support Holiday
25 days as standard (+ bank holidays).

Holiday Purchase
The option to purchase an extra weeks holiday if you work in our central support teams.

Cycle to Work Scheme
Purchase a bike and spread the cost over a year; you’ll also save around 25% (depending on your tax bracket).

Cycle to Work Accessories
Buy a bike through the cycle to work scheme and we’ll give you free accessories up to 10% of the value of the bike.

Employee Assistance Programme
Provided through Health Assured, including 6 counselling sessions.

Company Sick Pay
All permanent staff are entitled to one week Lush sick pay.

Eye Test Vouchers
Free eye test vouchers where your role requires.

We have generous and flexible benefits for parents and guardians. Your entitlement will depend on how long you have worked for Lush.

Here’s a few of the other benefits our staff can receive:

– 50% staff discount
– Birthday off
– Contribution to an ethical pension scheme (5% Employee, 3% Lush)

Two Lush manufacturing stand in the factory. The person in the foreground has light blonde hair and the person in the background has brown hair and is pouring liquid product into moulds to set.
Lush manufacturing staff are standing on the factory floor pressing bath bombs which contain shades of green, peach and pink
A person wearing a purple shirt, glasses and earphones looks attentively at their laptop in a bright office
A Lush employee with bright red hair shows a Lush gift box to a customer on the shop floor
Several people on a Lush shop floor are blowing giant soapy bubbles through their hands
Retail, manufacturing and support roles are available

10% Employee owned since 2017

Lush are proud to be part Employee Owned through our Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) scheme.


Lush employed staff globally

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