Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Beyond The 100 Day Plan

April 2021 Update

The 100 Day timeline was implemented between June to October 2020. This was an initial touch point of embedding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) into Lush. We focussed on how we can sustain support for the Black Lives Matter movement and embed anti-racism into the business. We are pleased to report that during the 100 days we achieved:

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion continues. The outstanding work from the initial plan, includes:

  • Plans for annual and global Diversity and demographic surveying.
  • Beyond refreshing the Respect at Work policy, we are continuing with reviewing all policies and people practices.
  • Continuing the work to create a Recruitment Best Practice Guide, with a focus on mitigating biases in all hiring processes. 
  • Plans for a UK&I wide retail mentoring programme.
  • Continuing to incorporate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion topics as key to our learning, development and training initiatives. 

Following the learning during 100 days and surrounding ED&I, we are in a better position to have a considered and intersectional approach to this work. We have identified four areas of opportunity to embed this work into the culture of Lush. Over the coming months, with the driving force of our newly appointed Community Relations Facilitator, we will be concentrating on building up the following areas:

  • Global Connection and Collaboration
  • Community Network
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Education and Learning

Whilst we continue this work internally, we have been talking with The Black Curriculum here in the UK about how we can help them in their mission to address the lack of Black British history in the UK curriculum, and to build a sense of identity in every young person in the UK. This campaign will be in UK stores in May 2021. We are encouraging our colleagues in all our global markets to follow suit – to firstly do the work internally, and then connect with local anti-racist groups to see how we could best support them in their work.