The wait is over…

Christmas is coming and this year it’s pink…

Santa, take a seat, the Lush Snow Fairy is back and the incandescent presence means one thing, ‘tis officially the season!  

This year, for the first time, The Snow Fairy debuts on screen.  This short animation brings the magic to life in a celebration of kindness, courage and confidence.


The Snow Fairy | An animation by Lush

Lush collaborated with FeralChild, the London based direction duo of Rogan van den Berg and Nella Addy, who lovingly crafted the animation with a team of talented artists to create the story of Aki and The Snow Fairy. “Utilizing traditional cel animation techniques and beautifully lush environment paintings, we were able to achieve that really lovely handcrafted charm you only get from frame by frame animation.”

I’m extremely proud to have worked on this project for Lush. Seeing ‘The Snow Fairy’ evolve from a pink bubblegum shower gel into a character that brings confidence, courage and kindness embraces our ‘all are welcome, always’ ethos.

Jack Constantine – Chief Digital Officer

Along with Snow Fairy, the rest of the Lush Christmas 2021 collection has launched online and in Lush shops. Look out for more Snow Fairy product drops, exclusives and experiences coming soon … download the Lush Labs app for more exclusive product drops. 

Lush is also touring the UK&I with Snow Fairy, popping up from October to colour highstreets across the UK&I that irrefutably renowned shade of pink!

From the initial conversations with Lush we were immediately drawn to their concept of this untraditional Christmas character, The Snow Fairy, being a spirit of nature and an embodiment of kindness, confidence, and bravery. It was a dream project to craft the story of discovering the Snow Fairy, with the broader message of self-discovery and acceptance.


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About FeralChild

Feral Child is the wild and wonderful creative studio of London-based Animation Direction duo, Nella Addy and Rogan van den Berg. With experience in multidisciplinary character-lead animation, they consistently deliver passionately crafted work, while placing special emphasis on imaginative storytelling.

Specialising in 2D, 3D and cel animation, they have a varied selection of work and experience in directing and crafting world-class animated content, including digital campaigns, short form animation, music videos and title sequences.

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