The Lush product range just got even stronger!

Press Release

Throughout lockdown Lush has been busy behind the scenes going through every single product (a whopping 670 in total) to ensure it’s the best of the best and the strongest product range possible.

As a result, Lush will be discontinuing over 150 of the products, offering space to create and develop fresh, natural products that are the best in their class and align with the criteria of the Secret Lush Cosmetics Master Plan….


Is it number one in its category?

Does it serve customer’s needs?

Is it part of a cosmetic revolution?

Keeping things Fresh

Keeping things fresh is nothing new to Lush. The dedicated team of Lush product inventors are continuously working on new and exciting innovations and are bursting with ideas that will knock your socks off. For sneak peeks and all the behind the scenes action of what’s to come (make sure you check out our inventors social media profiles) and check out #lushcommunity

It will take a while before these are all gone, but as always at Lush nothing is often gone forever. The newly launched Lush Kitchen Subscription Box is not only a monthly delivery of retro favourites and some surprises, but also offers subscribers a chance to vote on the contents, so maybe your favourite will be back sooner than expected.


(Lush Co-founder and Managing Director, Mark Constantine OBE instagram account @markatlush)

Leading Lush Products

Curious to know which Lush products are already creating a stir in the beauty world? From new innovations to heroes that have stood the test of time, these are some of the Lush products that are leading the way….


New shampoo bar (£8.00 each)

Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask (£16.00 for 315g)

Ultraplant facial cleanser (£12.50 for 45g)

Dream Cream body lotion (£16.00 for 240g)


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